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    March 25 2020

    Pinterest remains an untapped social network for marketers. The platform isn't just for browsing DIY tips and inspiration, it's a powerful tool to drive sales and learn about your customers.In addition to curating, planning, and scheduling, the PLANOLY Pin Planner now includes a 'Campaigns' feature to periodically refresh your boards. For marketing agencies or businesses trying to leverage their existing to succeed on Pinterest, the 'Campaigns' feature on the PLANOLY Pin Planner makes it easy to plan and execute.People all around the world – especially women – come to Pinterest to discover, plan, and spend. According to Pinterest, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. If you need tactical ways to help your client, brand, or business to strategize for Pinterest, this post is for you.

    3 Tips for Planning and Creating Content for Pinterest

    Know your voice. Stay true to your brand's voice and personality to build trust with your followers. Sometimes trends or memes won't make sense for your brand, and that's okay. Know when to step in or stay out of cultural conversations to stay authentic to your brand.Understand your audience.Beyond data points like location and gender, dive into better understanding your audience. Which boards resonate with them? What problem are you solving with your content or product? Narrow down a few key audiences and speak to them directly through your Pin's captions, images, and boards. Not only will this help with your current strategy but it'll help you strategize for more on-brand partnerships in the future.Grow meaningfully.Find out what does and doesn't work for your brand, and work off of those findings. It can take up to a few months for you to see changes in your Pinterest engagement from a new strategy. Once a quarter, look through your Pinterest Analytics or review your Pin Planner Analyze to reassess your content and determine what helped reach new audiences.

    Use Cases for Pin Planner 'Campaigns' Features

    Now, let's dive into how the 'Campaigns' feature can help brands, influencers, creators, and agencies alike to maximize your brand's arsenal of content or the way agencies work with your clients to help build a brand presence for them across social.

    How to Grow on Pinterest as an Agency

    Help client's reach their full potential on Pinterest

    • If you are managing clients, the 'Campaign' tool is excellent for scheduling ahead to ensure their content goes out in a timely manner. You can schedule weeks or even months ahead in no time!
    • If your clients have important promotions or sales, using 'Campaigns' can help keep their posts cohesive and spaced out to ensure they get exposure! This is great especially if your client has a high volume of content going out every day - the 'Campaigns' tool will keep all of your important promotional posts separate so you can keep better track of their performance.

    NOTE: You can edit your promotional 'Campaigns' at any time, by clicking into the Pin Details or Campaign Rules for that specific 'Campaign' as seen below.

    How to Grow on Pinterest as an Influencer

    Plan your content ahead of time through the use of 'Campaigns':

    • Plan and generate your content in bulk with the 'Campaigns' tool. For example, you can plan 3 months' worth of content so that you can have time to create on other platforms!
    • If you have a blog, utilize the 'Campaigns' tool to showcase multiple photos to promote your latest blog post. Space them out throughout the week to ensure that your posts are reaching the right audience at the best times.

    How to Grow on Pinterest as a Business or Brand

    Leverage your products

    • If your brand is releasing a new product, the 'Campaigns' tool can help by keeping your promotion posts cohesive and published in an efficient way letting you space out your posts so that they have the potential to reach the right audience.
    • Captivate your audience and new followers by using the 'Campaigns' tool for telling a visual story for your latest sale or collection release. You'll have the ability to pin your promotion onto different boards and with the same description so that the message reaches its full potential.

    Example: Vanessa leads Pinterest and Instagram efforts for Club and Clover, a paper planning Etsy shop. She heavily relies on repinning other people's content on Pinterest and believes this is what has contributed to growth the most. She spends about a week planning for 3 months worth of content and ultimately cares most about the speed of scheduling to Pinterest and how quickly she's adding content onto her queue. - All things that you can leverage with Pin Planner and 'Campaigns'! 'Campaigns' help agencies to better optimize their Pinterest content strategy for speed and bulk work.

    How to Grow on Pinterest as a Soloprenuer

    Feature fresh new content

    • Pinterest can be powerful when used as a portfolio and to take better advantage, the 'Campaign' tool can help schedule out your creations effortlessly. If you have a variety of creations that need to be published onto different boards, this tool can help generate an easy and organized flow.
    • If you are more into saving other people's content, you can still keep your content on Pinterest fresh by uploading your own work into the 'Campaign' planner, creating a cohesive content mix. Plus this will allow you to remain engaged with your current community!

    Below, we're going to dive into a few key things that you should look for whenever you're strategizing and building out your content creation process. An important aspect of being successful with content creation stems from having a good understanding as to where your analytics lie. What your followers are gravitating towards the most, which posts are performing the best, and what content to build on in the future. Let's look at what you and your team should focus on within our Pin Planner Analyze tool.

    Metrics to Prioritize On Pin Planner Analyze


    Impressions, Close-ups, Link Clicks, & Saves. As a business or brand, you want to be able to see the big picture. Your audience loves soaking up everything that you're your brand is about, and sticking true to your aesthetic and message is key. Tap into your impressions, close-ups, link clicks and saves to keep tabs on content performance.


    Followers, Impressions, Link Clicks, & Saves. Understanding where you're impressions, link clicks, and saves is a great way to stay on top of creating fresh and engaging content for your audience. Keeping them excited to see what you'll be sharing next!


    Impressions, Link Clicks, & Saves. As an agency, you often have to wear several hats for your clients. Having a clear understanding as to where your numbers lie is key to knowing what formula works and what new content concepts you should integrate into the mix.


    Followers, Impressions, Link Clicks, & Saves. Dive into your metrics by keeping an eye on what your followers are loving and engaging with the most. Keep track of top-performing Pins, where your link clicks lie, and the number of saves you're getting in order to see if you can stick to your content strategy or if you need to restructure along the way.

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: Don't forget about ourPLANOLY uploader too! Our web extension for Chrome and Safari that allows you to quickly upload and schedule multiple Pins at a time.

    We hope that today's post has helped you gain a better understanding of ways to experience growth through 'Campaigns'. The ultimate goal with 'Campaigns' is to continue to create fresh and fun content that will inspire your audience and keep them engaged with your brand's voice and message.

    Get Started with 'Campaigns' today!Sign up for Pin Planner and begin strategizing.

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