Set It and Forget It: PLANOLY Hacks on Bulk Planning for Pinterest

    May 26 2021

    Let’s be honest - you’re already spending a lot of time curating, planning, and scheduling content for Instagram and Facebook. You may or may not be customizing content for other channels like TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now, we’re recommending you add on Pinterest to your social marketing plate. What gives? 

    Before you call it quits or panic about finding a 25th hour in your day, let’s level set on a few things:

    1. Pinterest is a powerful social platform with proven results for marketers (did we mention it’s also one of the world’s favorite search engines?)
    2. Content batching erases any worries you have about not having enough time for a new platform
    3. Not to toot our own horn, but our PLANOLY Pin Planner takes the stress out of planning, setting you and your Pinterest strategy up for success 

    Pinterest Effortlessly Complements Your Existing Social Channels

    You may be wondering: why are we so hard-pressed on championing Pinterest? Are we being paid by them or something? Nope – this is totally #notsponsored. Pinterest is simply an untapped gold mine for building your audience by driving brand awareness and website traffic, and even sales conversions. Pinterest has over 475 million monthly active users on the platform. 77% of users discover brands on Pinterest, and some websites have seen Pinterest drive 33% more referral traffic than Facebook. If you don't really do numbers and analytics, we’ll break it down for you – that’s MAJOR. 

    Pins on Pinterest perform differently than content on other social channels. While other platforms like Instagram and Facebook show immediate results with likes and engagements, Pins tend to have a slower upstart, but a longer lifespan. Since content isn’t shown chronologically on Pinterest, and is more so based on a user’s preferences and search trends, Pins can show up for months after they’ve been posted. This means the time you spend creating content for Pinterest can go even further, and prove to be more valuable for driving results for your brand. Our Digital Marketing Content Editor Asia has some first-hand intel into the phenomena:

    Since 2011, I’ve created seasonal fashion inspo boards on my personal Pinterest. Let me preface by saying, I’m by no means an influencer and have less than 200 followers. I’m totally not kidding when I tell you the outfits I pinned TEN years ago in college still get traction today from users all across the platform. A couple weeks ago, a winged-liner look I pinned back in 2016 randomly picked back up. 

    Where Pinterest differs from other platforms is in its decreased focus on solely showing users new content. In my opinion, Pinterest feels less focused on trends and content of the moment, and more so on serving tailored, best-of-the-best content that’s almost timeless in a sense. You’ll notice Pinterest has even removed date visibility from its Pins. This small detail is effective in removing age bias from your content, providing your boards with more longevity and relevance. 

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    Getting Started: Content Batching

    By definition, content batching is the act of creating and curating a large amount of content in advance with the end goal of saving you time on day-to-day social management. This method frees up your schedule, allowing you to focus time on cultivating your brand, and running your business. 

    With content batching, you create an expanded array of content at one time, which yields a more consistent aesthetic, storyline, and flow across your feed. You’re able to prioritize quality over quantity, creating an engaging lineup of content for the coming weeks.

    While there are no hardened rules on how to create content in batches, it’s easy to get stuck on what exactly that content should be. Our go-to solution is identifying “content buckets'' or themes to focus your strategy. We talk more about the game-changing process in our blog linked here

    You can focus your content buckets around core themes related to your brand and target audience like seasonal events, product launches, partnerships, brand collaborations, or simply general categories like user-generated content or quotes. Grouping similar content together helps keep your social planning organized, and provides a ratioed balance of each content type to share.

    How PLANOLY’s Pin Planner Saves You Time

    PLANOLY’s Pin Planner allows you to bulk upload content, plan your posts, and schedule across multiple boards on Pinterest. You can upload content through the Web Dashboard directly or on your phone through the PLANOLY app. Once you upload your content, you have the option to schedule Pins for any date or time and can Pin content to multiple boards. 

    Specifically for content batching, Pin Planner campaigns are set up to help you create categories of content, and easily schedule Pins for weeks or months in advance. Pin Planner campaigns is a paid feature that’s available through the PLANOLY Web Dashboard. This feature provides the option to name your campaign, select which board(s) you want to Pin to, and create specific dates and times for Pins to go live. Once all of your details have been added, you can bulk upload content from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. 

    From there, you can truly “set it and forget it,” and spend time on other things while Pin Planner does the work for you. Pin Planner’s analyze feature allows you to see how your Pins are performing. That way you can focus on creating and curating the content getting the most engagement, and foster more authentic engagement with your community on Pinterest. 

    For more tips, tricks, and best practices for launching your Pinterest strategy, be sure to check out the following blogs for more information. Pin it to win it!

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