A Definitive Guide to Pinterest Best Practices

    November 21 2019

    When it comes to Pinterest, there are many aspects of the platform that can be beneficial for your goals as a brand. We want to help you leverage Pinterest best practices by providing you with the strategy and the tools needed in order to make the most of your time on the platform.Pinterest is an amazing tool to help boost website and blog traffic, amplify Instagram content, and serve as an optimized search engine for users looking for tutorials, how-tos, and inspiration. Below, is a full breakdown of all of our Pinterest Best Practices. Save this blog post (which will be updated with new information) to reference from time to time in order to ensure that you're getting the most out of your Pinterest account!

    Top 10 Pinterest Best Practices:

    1. Create a Pinterest Business Account

    On Pinterest, you can choose between a personal or a business account. Reach more people and build your brand's presence on Pinterest by creating a Business Account. (It's free!) It also unlocks additional audience insights that you can utilize when planning content. (Read our post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Business Account on Pinterest here.)

    2. Claim your Website

    The next step after signing up for a Business Pinterest Account is staking your claim! Claim your website in order to ensure that your name and profile picture will appear on every Pin that has your content.

    3. Optimize Your Board

    Naming: Be intentional with your board names so that followers know exactly what content they can expect to see when they reach your board.

    Board Descriptions: Include keywords or phrases within your board description to place them at the top of Pinterest's search engine while also drawing your audience in. Goop does a great job describing their boards on Pinterest.Secret & Archived Boards: Secret Boards are boards that you can hide from your followers to gather your own inspiration without showcasing it on your main feed. Archived Boards are boards that you are not very active on, but that you still want to keep in order to be able to reference back to. Both boards are a great way of pushing old content back in order to highlight new content.PRO-TIP:DO NOT DELETE YOUR BOARDS. If you delete a board on Pinterest, you will lose all of your followers on that board since users can choose to follow a user of just their boards. If you no longer want to see a board, you can change it to a Secret or an Archived Board. NOTE: Once you archive a board, you can no longer Pin content to that board.

    4. Your visuals matter.

    Pinterest is the visual discovery engine that brings everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. Your boards are a visual mood board to share and gather inspiration for: upcoming photoshoots, future blog posts, social media content, partner collaborations, plus so much more! Let your images on Pinterest take center stage by including hi-res imagery throughout your website and Pinterest profile.The highest performing profiles on Pinterest always have beautiful imagery to match. Pin Quality:Your images should be in hi-resolution with the appropriate corresponding aspects and ratios. As a rule of thumb, it's best to stick to a 2:3 aspect ratio because they typically perform the best. (i.e. – this means images that are 1000px X 1500px.) And, choose either PNG or JPEG file types with a max size of 32 MB.Pin Title:Your Pin Title should be descriptive and informative, but also short and easy to digest. Allow your readers to know what the Pin will be about through your chosen title.PRO-TIP: Add a Pin Title? Titling helps improve your pins distribution. It also helps with the discoverability of your pins. Pins with clear, concise titles will have a better corpus of related pins when viewed. Include a simple, compelling headline as your title (up to 100 characters). NOTE: only the first 30-35 characters are most likely to show in people's feeds (especially on mobile). Be descriptive without being wordy, focus on the content of the Pin, don't aim for 'clickbait'... actually don't use the word 'click'

    5. Consider your Pin description + URL strategy.

    Be strategic with the descriptions you create. Include as much information as you can (with keywords!) while also condensing it into a quick and easy informational bite for your audience. Easily digestible information that grabs your audience's attention is key whenever you're crafting a Pin description. Keep in mind that each Pin allows up to 100 characters in your title and up to 500 characters in the description. (Drive continuous traffic back to your website by giving proper attribution to that Pin with the Pin URL.)PRO-TIP: The first 50-60 characters are most likely to show up in people's feeds, so include the brand name in the first sentence of the description copy and in the title.

    6. There are four elements to every great Pin:

    • Tasteful logo placement
    • Bold, and clear use of text overlay
    • The product or service is at the focal point of the Pin
    • Striking image/visual

    PLANOLY Tip: Learn more ways to Create The Perfect Pin here.

    7. Keep your user top of mind.

    People visit Pinterest every day for a variety of things, choose a few of these categories to best serve your audience:Tutorials:Users on the platform love looking for tutorials when it comes to anything and everything! From seasonal recipes to social media marketing strategy. Understand your niche by amplifying it through the content that you showcase to your followers on Pinterest.How-To's: Pinterest serves as a search engine, and a lot of users are using it that way! Use quick taglines on your imagery when sharing How-Tos, and don't forget to be descriptive with your caption in order to draw your audience in.Food & Style:It's no surprise that a lot of users on Pinterest tune into the platform for food and style inspiration. If your website focuses on any of the two, leverage the content you're sharing by also offering tips + seasonal inspiration.Quotes: Quotes are among the most Saved content on Pinterest. If you can integrate brand quotes into your mix of Pinterest content, it will help you level-up with your users. (Take a look at our Quote Board here for ideas.)Get Creative:Think creation over curation. Consistently creating fresh, new content for Pinterest is among the most beneficial Pinterest best practices! Pin & share content often, so that you're followers are seeing frequent activity across your Pinterest boards. This will keep you relevant and current within the platform and will also boost your monthly unique views at the top of your Pinterest Page. The more active you are, and the more you engage with users on the platform, the more visibility you'll create for your boards and your Pins.Scheduling: Optimize Pinterest best practices by strategically crafting a scheduling system to map out all of your content. Our Pin Planner is just what you need!

    8. Simplify your planning and scheduling.

    The PLANOLYPin Planner allowsyou to seamlessly integrate Pinterest Planning into your social marketing needs. PLANOLY has become an official Pinterest Partner in order to help you manage and simplify your social marketing initiatives across the platform. Our Pin Planner is aimed to help you seamlessly integrate Pinterest content scheduling within your social marketing endeavors. Just as you would when you plan posts for Instagram!

    PLANOLY Tip: Add our new PLANOLY Chrome and Safari extension for Pinterest to your browser to save time scheduling Pins from any website.

    9. Amplify your Pins.

    Integrate keywords and hashtags that are relevant to the specific topic your sharing.Keywords:Use Pin specific keywords to draw your audience in. For example, if it's a Pin related to Social Media Marketing use keywords like: Social Media Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing Strategy, etc... within your description.Hashtags: Utilize hashtags by pulling popular keywords that users are searching for. For example, when searching for food recipes on Pinterest it pulls the following: Food Recipes for Dinner, Food Recipes Healthy, Food Recipes Crockpot. Try forming those into hashtags when crafting your descriptions. (2 to 3 hashtags per description are great!)

    10. Monitor your analytics.

    The 4 Key Things to look for when it comes to your Pinterest Metrics:Impressions: The total number of times your Pins were shown for a specific board.Closeups:The total number of times people viewed a closeup version of your Pin for a specific board.Link Clicks:The total number of times people have clicked on your Pin to a destination on or off Pinterest for a specific board.Saves:The total number of times people saved your Pins to a board.We've also created an extensive overview of Pinterest Analyticshere andhere.

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can view additional metrics on Pin Planner with a Business Pinterest account.


    • SEO:Pinterest serves as a search engine, so your SEO game needs to be on point. Focus on creating high-quality content for your readers through the use of your Pin Quality, Pin Title, Pin Description, Pin URL, Keywords, and Website Quality.
    • Plugins:If your blog or site is currently hosted through WordPress, (or if it's on another platform that enables plugins) – it's best to incorporate plugins on your website so that it allows your Pinterest content to be easily visible to your readers. Pro Tip: Create a sidebar widget to showcase your recent Pins!
    • Resources:Pinterest has in-depth resources that you can tap into to help generate further success on the platform. We're listing some favorites for you below.
    • Pinterest Business: Pinterest created their own Business platform that helps shed light on their many tips + tools for further success on their website.
    • Pinterest Blog: Stay up-to-date with what's new and noteworthy from Pinterest!
    • Pinterest Academy:Get ahead with the many free online courses that Pinterest has to offer.

    TAKEAWAYS:Use these Pinterest best practices to promote content, amplify your brand presence, and further engage with your community. Pinterest is more than just a search engine, it's a platform that helps you leverage yourself and your brand to new potential followers and inspire them through the content that you're creating.

    "Inspiring, useful ideas are at the heart of Pinterest."

    - Pinterest

    Now is a better time than ever to leverage yourself and your brand on the platform. We've shared additional insights into Pinterest best practices over on the PLANOLY blog. The PLANOLY app and web platform simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.

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