How to Increase Pinterest Engagement Using 'Campaigns' for PLANOLY Pin Planner

    February 17 2020

    We're excited to announce a new Pinterest feature powered by PLANOLY to help big brands, influencers, and agencies! The 'Campaigns' feature on PLANOLY Pin Planner allows you to create a series of dedicated campaigns geared towards mapping out a schedule of images that are related to the same Pin description.As an official Pinterest Partner, PLANOLY provides exclusive planning and analytics features to help you get the most out of marketing on Pinterest. With over 335 million monthly active users, Pinterest remains a powerful tool to grow your business. The PLANOLY Pin Planner is one of the only tools that allow you to plan, schedule, review your analytics for Pinterest seamlessly.This feature eases scheduling different images to post throughout your Pinterest feed, while also applying the same description and URL for reach. You can essentially create many weeks' worth of Pins using the same description for different images and content.Integrating Pinterest into your social marketing strategy is now standard practice to reach new customers and drive traffic to your site. More and more sponsored campaigns or partner collaborations are now requesting fresh Pinterest content from their partners – ranging from one single post to a full feature on the platform. The 'Campaigns' feature on PLANOLY Pin Planner allows you to upload and schedule Pins for partnerships, brand campaigns, or holidays with ease.


    • Ongoing collaborations with partners or businesses

    • A/B test different types of content

    • Schedule Pins months ahead while keeping your boards fresh

    NOTE: 'Campaigns' is currently available on WEB and is a paid feature only. Our Pin Planner web extension also supports uploading images to 'Campaigns!'


    To launch a new 'Campaign' on the Pin Planner, you'll select and create your Pin Title, Pin Description, and Pin URL to share across multiple boards. You'll then select the start date of your 'Campaign' (when you want it to go live), along with the day and time that these Pins will be published to your desired boards.

    • You can essentially create as many Pins as you want using the same title, description, and URL.
    • The first uploaded image is always the first to go through and be published.
    • You can pause, delete, or complete 'Campaign'.


    Go to your PLANOLY dashboard on WEB and switch to your Pinterest account to access your Pin Planner, if you aren't already there.You'll see a new tab in-between PLAN & ANALYZE on the top right-hand corner titled 'CAMPAIGNS'.

    NOTE: If you do not have a paid PLANOLY account, it will prompt you to upgrade in order to unlock this feature.Once you've upgraded your account, you will then have access to 'Campaigns' and you'll be able to see the below screen to get started!Here, you'll see a + icon on the top left-hand corner to CREATE CAMPAIGN. You'll also be able to view any ONGOING 'Campaigns' and COMPLETED 'Campaigns' below. Your CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE will be on the right-hand side of the screen to show you any upcoming 'Campaigns' that you've created.Click on CREATE CAMPAIGN with the + icon. A new window will pop up with the option for you to NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN. Then, enter the following details:

    1. NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN: Your campaign name can be up to 100 characters long) Enter your desired name and click BEGIN to continue.
    2. ADD PIN DETAILS: Enter the Pin Title, Pin Description, and Pin URL for this Pin. Get creative with your Title and Description to capture your audience's attention! Include a few descriptive hashtags to keep your followers engaged. Click NEXT when done. (Read more on optimizing hashtags for Pinterest)
    3. CREATE CAMPAIGN RULES: Choose your campaign start date, along with the boards you want your Pins to live on. (Although you can choose as many boards as you'd like, we recommend 5-10 boards.) Click NEXT when finished.
    4. SELECT PUBLISH TIMES: Select the days and times that you would like these Pins to go live throughout your 'Campaign'. (You can select as many as you'd like!) Click NEXT.

    See the images below for an example of the steps above. You've officially created your very first Campaign on Pin Planner. (*High-fives* all around!) Now the fun begins. Start adding content and watch your Pins get published!


    Add content (images) to your campaign by clicking on 'Add Content' below PIN CONTENT at the bottom of your screen. You'll have the option to select a source from your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can drag and drop images into the 'Campaign', if that's easier. Upload as many images as you'd like to post onto the boards that you selected in the first step. You can also delete them if you no longer want them on the campaign by clicking on EDIT beside Pin Content and clicking into the circle within each image that you'd like to delete and then select DELETE.

    NOTE: You can always add or remove images and boards within your Campaign, but you can ONLY edit your 'Campaigns' within the Campaign Tab on the dashboard.You'll now see your uploaded content ready to be published! If you look over to the right side of your screen underneath CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE, you'll notice that you're selected dates and times for your campaign appear with a pink dot below them. If you click into them, it will show you yourPin Queue below with the day it's scheduled for, the time it's scheduled for, and the board (or boards) it's scheduled for.

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Upload your content, depending on the images that you would like to be published first. 'Campaigns' allows you to keep your boards fresh and organic, meaning that the first image that you selected will be the first to publish, followed by the next, and so on.You can also Pause, Delete, or Complete a 'Campaign.' Here's how! Go to where it says ONGOING on the left side of your screen to view 'Campaigns' you've created. Click on the three dots next to your campaign name, and select from a dropdown menu to either Pause Campaign, Delete Campaign, or Complete Campaign. Here are a few rules for each:

    • Pause Campaign: You can pause your campaign and revisit them at a later time if you want additional planning time. Note that pausing the campaign will remove any unpublished Pins that have not posted yet. Once you unpause the campaign, it will resume as normal.
    • Delete Campaign: Deleting a campaign deletes that 'Campaign' from your Ongoing Campaign section, and will no longer appear within your 'Campaigns'.
    • Complete Campaign: Once you've completed a campaign, you can move it over to the Completed Campaign section below Create Campaign to drop it under your completed 'Campaigns'.

    You can also view 'Campaigns' on your PLANOLY calendar by hitting the play button to either turn them on or turn them off. This allows you to stay on top of what you currently have scheduled! Here's how to access this: Click on PLAN at the top of your screen to go to your main calendar view for Pin Planner, and click on the Play Button icon above 'Campaigns' to toggle them on or off of your calendar.


    • Share Videos on 'Campaigns'
    • Share Carousel Images on 'Campaigns'
    • View Analytics on 'Campaigns'

    We hope that today's post gets you excited to create your first 'Campaign' on PLANOLY Pin Planner! This will serve as a powerful tool to elevate your collaborative content, as well as create a more natural workflow for your marketing strategy throughout the weeks and months ahead. Happy planning!

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