NuFACE Social Media Education: Using Social Media to Inform

    October 16 2020

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    When it comes to Instagram, what is most important to NuFACE? 

    The most important aspect when it comes to social media for NuFACE is to educate our clients. Everything we post needs to inform and uplift each person who comes to our page. We recognize that everyone is introduced to NuFACE at a different point in their skincare journey. We strive to provide something for each person, whether you are an esthetician who understands microcurrent or have just heard the word microcurrent for the first time.

    PLANOLY is about making the lives easier for social media users and organizes their content. How do you strategize your feed and stories?

    We strategize our storytelling by giving our clients a mix of educational tools directly from our brand and inspiring them with examples of how real clients achieve real results by using NuFACE in their skincare routines. We combine these in our grid to provide an aesthetically pleasing layout that inspires visitors to explore our page and engage with us.  

    Your products make it easy to demo on Instagram thanks to instant gratification. How do you educate your followers to make sure they’re getting the most out of their device? 

    We educate by creating dynamic content including videos, IG Lives, EDU infographics, and before and afters of the instant facial lift. We work with our ambassadors and fellow lovers of NuFACE to explain and educate as they entertain, so they can help us amplify the incredible benefits of our Microcurrent Skincare™. 

    One new way we have evolved educating our clients is to provide 1-on-1 Virtual House Calls™. These were inspired by the personalized House Calls™ I would make to celebrities, influencers, influential makeup artists, and estheticians. We have opened this to everyone as a complimentary service where clients can speak to a NuFACE microcurrent esthetician and receive a personalized recommendation that fits their needs. This personalization coming directly from a skincare authority sets our education apart and speaks to our heritage as microcurrent estheticians, providing highly individual consultations to our clients. 

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    How far out do you plan your posts? Is your schedule pretty set in stone or does it move around a lot?

    We plan our posting cadence a month in advance and review posts weekly to keep things flexible since we know social media moves quickly. We love the ease of using the PLANOLY  grid, which allows you to reorganize posts instantly. This helps us when we need to pivot quickly and keep our grid aesthetically pleasing and balanced. 

    How do you appeal to a wide audience on Instagram? Would you say NuFACE is followed by a certain demographic on social media?

    It goes back to understanding that everyone is in a different place in their skincare journey and we want to create that inclusive environment, providing different levels of content to fit every client’s needs. We have a wide variety of clients ranging from those in their early 20’s and 30’s looking for contouring and prevention to those in their late 50’s + who are looking for anti-aging solutions. Microcurrent is so inclusive since it is a holistic and non-invasive skincare solution that also works beautifully with other treatments like Botox and fillers.

    You’re a great asset for NuFace. How are you utilized when it comes to social media?

    One of my favorite ways to get involved on social media is to directly engage with clients via Instagram Live. As an esthetician, I love sharing how NuFACE can be incorporated into a diverse range of skincare routines. I understand that everyone has a different area of concern and getting a chance to interact with clients intimately is so valuable to me. So far, I have had the pleasure to go live over 25 times with well-known estheticians, beauty brands, and influencers, and directly answer countless client questions through this platform.

    You post a lot of UGC. How do you decide what to put on your grid versus Instastory? 

    We use our Instagram Stories to showcase a wider range of content and clients using our devices. This is where we can utilize more dynamic content like boomerangs, hyper-lapses, and fun filters that show our audience’s creativity. For the Instagram Grid, we want to make sure this is clear and easy to understand with information and focused calls to action. 

    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers and brands? 

    Keep things simple, clear, and easy to understand. Sometimes a creative element may go against brand education, which would eliminate our ability to share or repost. Microcurrent can be new to many clients, so adding fun effects like a boomerang or hyper-lapse can be confusing to clients who have only heard to lift up or glide slowly. 

    What are the biggest challenges for NuFACE’s Instagram? 

    One of our biggest challenges on social media is combating misinformation on microcurrent and NuFACE. NuFACE is a leader within this space as we have done clinical testing, we are FDA-cleared, and have put in the work to research the best practices of microcurrent. This is why the education component of our content is so important. 

    UGC is also key because microcurrent can be intimidating, so showing that real people can use our devices in their homes with ease is important. Anytime we work with an influencer on a campaign, we make sure they receive 1-on-1 training with a microcurrent esthetician, so they have tools and information to partner with us effectively. 

    What is your average engagement and how did you initially grow on Instagram? 

    Our average engagement is about 3% to 5% monthly, while our industry sits closer to 2.5% on average. We try to create a dialogue with our clients and influencers to better understand what their concerns are so we can provide the right information. Feedback from our community is so important. We utilize Instagram Story tools like polls, question boxes, and sliders to gather this from our audience to deliver products and treatments that fit their needs.


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