New StoriesEdit Template Collections: Essentials, Film, and Pop Quiz

    June 19 2019

    We are happy to be releasing not one, but three new StoriesEdit template collections for you to use towards your Instagram Story designs! These fresh templates will offer so many more creative options to help you produce engaging content for your Stories and grid. The new templates include Essentials (our most basic design yet - which allows you to customize and cater your templates specifically for your brand), Film (perfect for sharing video content), and Pop Quiz (a great way to engage with your audience!). Continue reading below to learn more about these new templates and how you can apply them to your own content strategies.


    This collection features the most simple template options that StoriesEdit has to offer. It was designed to elevate your Instagram Stories that are optimized for Story ads and sponsored partnerships. The color palette is set to a white and light grey theme, but you can absolutely customize and change the colors to match your brand's color palette. From simple multi-image templates to a completely bare template option for you to completely customize, our Essentials collection offers a clean template to layer on top of and add your own flair. Essentials would work well with a brand or influencer with very specific or minimalistic branding. For those who take the "less is more" approach - this template collection is for you!



    Our Film template collection is ideal for sharing all of your video content! Each template features film strips placed in various shapes and forms for you to customize and add your content to. This would also be a perfect collection for filmmakers and videographers - as it is on brand with their industry. While the Film collection is great for sharing video content - it also looks amazing with photos as well! Another great aspect about this collection is that all of the film strip frames are customizable by color so that you can cater it to your specific color theme. Planoly-Blog-Post-StoriesEdit-New-StoriesEdit-Templates-Essentials-Film-and-POP-QUIZ-Film-Overview-2

    Pop Quiz

    As you know, we're all about connecting and engaging with our audience - especially in a unique and authentic way. Our new Pop Quiz collection is an interactive and fun way to share and connect with your followers! The Pop Quiz collection features Stories where you fill in the blanks with GIFs, tagging your favorite accounts based on categories, listing out your favorite books and so many more options to help your audience get to know you better! Simply save them to your phone or send it directly to your Instagram to fill in the blanks and post.
    These new collections are sure to capture your follower's attention and keep them intrigued. It's a good idea to change up your content and keep it fresh, and the options are endless with our new Essentials, Film, and Pop Quiz collections. We hope you love all of the new template choices; they're perfect for whenever your Instagram Stories needs a boost. Make sure you tag us on @StoriesEdit so we can repost your beautiful content! As always, stay tuned and check back for more updates and StoriesEdit news coming soon.

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