New Shoppable Influencer Posts on Instagram

    May 15 2019

    In case you missed it, top style & lifestyle influencer, Aimee Song announced on her Instagram last week that you can now shop her full Prada look directly through her Instagram post! Instagram recently granted access to a handful of top Influencers to try their new shoppable post feature. Among the Influencers to be the first to test out the new features are Aimee Song of Song of Style, Gigi Hadid, and Nicole Warne of Garry Pepper Girl. This new feature will allow users to now shop their favorite Instagram looks directly through an Influencer's feed by tapping on the shopping links within the image. All products that the Influencer features can be easily accessed via the photo, and can be purchased through the click of a button!

    "Instagram's Shoppable Influencer Posts could be a big gamechanger to the Instagram marketplace."
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    What to Know

    This new feature has been launched with only a few dozen creators having access to its benefits along with a few media brands as well. They include Vogue, HypeBeast, Refinery 29, and GQ. As an extension of Instagram's shopping platform, this could quickly shape how we purchase products from the Influencers that we love to follow. The only downside to this new feature is that Instagram will not be facilitating referral fees through the shoppable posts. While we love the thought of Influencer's not having to go through third-party apps like ShopStyle and RewardStyle, it might not be a possibility until we know a little more about this feature and see how it rolls out.


    Instagram's Shoppable Influencer Posts could be a big gamechanger to the Instagram marketplace. We're anxious to see what this new feature means for Instagram, and the many Influencers on the platform and are looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.


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