New Profile Look on StoriesEdit Collaboration Collections

    July 18 2019

    We're happy to unveil that our StoriesEdit Collaboration Collection Profiles has a new and improved look! Our StoriesEdit Collaborations are exciting enough (and we have lots of new collaborations to share with you coming soon), but the updated look makes it even better to navigate through. With so many incredible collaborations coming up, you'll appreciate the facelift even more!

    "Our StoriesEdit Collaboration Collection Profiles has a new and improved look."
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    The first collection to get this fresh look is our collaboration with Jane Ko of @atasteofkoko. You can see more about her full collaboration collection in the blog post here. We're also thrilled to be releasing six new templates from the @atasteofkoko x StoriesEdit collaboration! Another great feature is that when you click on the banner in web or tap on the banner on the app, it goes directly to their Instagram! You can also click or tap on their website URL directly beneath the profile banner to be redirected to their blog. It's a great way to learn more about the creative people we collaborate with, whether you're interested in learning how they utilize the StoriesEdit templates, create content on their grid, or if you just want to read articles from their blog! We choose to collaborate with these influencers and creatives because we believe in them and love what they are doing - this new update allows you to get to know them better and have more insight into who they are! Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and updates coming soon for StoriesEdit, and be sure to check it out here if you haven't already!


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