New PLANOLY Feature: Quick Scheduling

    August 26 2019  |  Tutorials , Best Practices , PLANOLY , Instagram Planner


    We're excited to announce a brand new feature that will make scheduling your content faster and easier than ever! Our latest feature is called Quick Schedule, and it's available for planning your Grid and Stories content. If you find yourself spending too much time selecting the same post times over and over again on PLANOLY's calendar time picker, this feature will help you breeze through scheduling! With PLANOLY's Quick Schedule feature, simply create pre-scheduled dates and times to quickly post content in the future (It's currently available on web only). See below to learn more information about this new tool!

    "We're excited to announce a brand new feature that will make scheduling content faster & easier than ever."
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    How to Create a Quick Schedule

    1. On the PLANOLY Web Dashboard, switch to your PLAN view.
    2. On the top right of the Calendar, click on Schedule(clock icon).
    3. Click on the (+) icon under the day of the week you would like to add a quick schedule time.

    How to Select a Quick Schedule

    1. Click on a post thumbnail in your PLAN grid to open the post editor.
    2. Click on Quick Schedule option (clock icon).
    3. Select your scheduled day and time and save.
    4. Once you create your first scheduled date, it will be shared between team members. (Schedules are applied to the Instagram account, so anyone under that Instagram account will see the same Quick Schedule).

    Quick Schedule Limitations, Requirements, and Information

    • Quick Schedule is only available on paid plans. Click here to discover the benefits of using a paid PLANOLY account!
    • Create a schedule of frequently used posting times for your Grid and Stories.
    • If you use any of the Quick Schedule time slots, they will be marked in blue with an "S," indicating that you have already used the time on one or more schedules.
    • The custom time slots and Instagram recommended times can be seen on the calendar, so you can drag and drop posts to those specific time slots.
    • The Instagram recommended time calculations are based on the times your followers are active according to Instagram.
    • There's a settings icon at the top right of the calendar, so you can easily set up your quick schedules.

    "This feature will make your planning process much more efficient."
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    This feature will make your planning process much more efficient, especially if you're scheduling a steady amount of content on a regular basis. It's also effortless to use because of the visual aspect, so you can clearly see the dates and times that your content will be scheduled for. Look over your data and discover what time your posts are performing best using our Analyze tool on PLANOLY. Happy scheduling!