New Instagram Features You Need to Know

    May 20 2018

    Instagram has been busy as usual! They recently rolled out several new features that we are so excited to start implementing. If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to utilize these fantastic new updates, not to worry! We're breaking down all of them to make it easier for you to navigate and use in your Instagram strategies and digital storytelling. Read on to learn all about it!

    Spotify Sharing

    You might have seen people screenshot songs they're listening to on Spotify and share them on Instagram Stories, right? While it's great to share music, it would be better if you could hear that song directly from Instagram. Good you can! Instagram just rolled out a new feature that allows you to share songs straight from Spotify to Instagram Stories. If you're listening to a song on Spotify that you want to share, simply click on the 3 dots next to the song (on the Spotify app), select Share, and then tap Instagram Stories! The best part about this new feature is that your followers can open that song directly from Stories into Spotify. We can't wait to see how users start utilizing this new feature in their digital strategies. Music has always brought people together - the new song sharing feature is perfect for connecting with followers, bonding over your favorite artists, and discovering new music!

    "We're breaking down the new Instagram features, so they're easier for you to use in your digital storytelling."
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    Branded Face Filters

    The possibilities really are endless when it comes to Instagram, and the new face filters feature proves that we've only hit the tip of the iceberg. Influencers and brands can now create their own face filters for Instagram Stories that are accessible to users who follow them. The face filters are created through Facebook's AR Camera Platform, so brands and influencers are able to be creative and original in their designs. Brands creating their own face filters is most likely going to be a big asset in gaining followers and spreading brand awareness.

    Group Video Chat

    Instagram just introduced a new Video Chat feature, which lets you have private video calls with your friends and family! You can chat with one person or up to six people at a time. Will Instagram Video Chat be the new Facetime? Only time will tell. Another cool part of this feature is that you can minimize your video chat and still use the app while continuing with your conversation...a multi-taskers dream!

    Comment Moderation

    Instagram is saying no to bullies with their new Comment Control feature which can identify and block offensive comments. This tool is meant to filter through and block insulting comments on a person's character or appearance, including any threats to a person's well-being. You can access this feature in the Options menu of the app under 'Comment Controls'. There's a toggle beneath Automatic Filter that gives you the option to 'Hide Offense Comments' on your posts. Here's to making social media more positive and uplifting one step at a time.

    New IG Explore Page

    The Explore page is great for discovering new influencers and getting inspiration from amazing content. Instagram revamped the Explore page visually, and created a new Channels feature, which presents a variety of topics at the top of the page. Users can customize the channels that they see, which will make the Explore page much more intentional and intriguing. This is also good news for influencers and brands that get featured on the Explore page, because they will get new followers that were specifically looking for the type of content they create. A win for users and influencers alike!

    "The Explore page is great for discovering new influencers and getting inspiration from amazing content."
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    We hope this breakdown of Instagram's new features helps you to better navigate your time on the app. These updates are useful in so many ways, and we're glad to see Instagram constantly taking steps to improve the user experience. Let us know how you're utilizing these dynamic features on your own Instagram strategies. As always, if you have questions or concerns, drop us a line at Happy 'gramming!


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