New Instagram Feature: Close Friends List

    December 05 2018

    Instagram has recently unveiled a new feature that allows you to create a 'Close Friends' list for Stories. This makes it easier for you to share more personal moments or news with a select group of people that you might not want to share with your entire follower list. With a 'Close Friends' list, you can choose who to add to your list, modify your list at any time, and share content with ease! Continue reading below to learn more about how to use this new feature.

    "Instagram unveiled a new feature that allows you to create a 'Close Friends' list for Stories."
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    How to Add & Use the 'Close Friends' Feature

    1. Add people to your list by tapping on the menu bar in the top right corner, and selecting 'Close Friends'.
    2. You can search for people to add or tap on 'Suggestions' for a list of users that you interact with often. *NOTE: Your full 'Close Friends' list is private and only you can see it. Followers can not request to be added.
    3. When you go to share a Story, you'll see an option in the bottom left corner to share only to your 'Close Friends' list.
    4. If someone has added you to their list, you'll see a green badge when viewing their Instagram Stories. You can also see a green ring around their profile photo if they recently posted an Instagram Story to their 'Close Friends' list.

    We love how this new feature gives you the flexibility to share personal moments with your circle of friends or family. A tribe that shares Instagram Stories together, stays together!


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