sellit Coupons: New Feature to Help Increase Sales This Holiday

    November 23 2020

    Why Coupons Work

    With so many people looking for the best deal online, coupons (or promo codes!) are a must-have when looking to increase sales. They serve as a great way to monitor and analyze your marketing efforts. With each coupon you create, you gain valuable insights into which online platforms are generating the most revenue for your business. Plus, they provide a great way to help you give back to your community during this holiday season!

    What You Need to Know About sellit Coupons

    New sellit Coupons 

    sellit coupons are promo codes that you can create, manage, and track in sellit. They help you offer discounts to your customers.

    Set Up Your Coupon

    To create a sellit coupon, first, log into PLANOLY on your web dashboard. (Reminder: you can manage sellit only through your web dashboard in PLANOLY, not your mobile app!)

    1. Log into PLANOLY web dashboard
    2. Click on the SELLIT tab in PLANOLY
    3. Click on PAYMENTS in sellit
    4. Scroll towards bottom to ADD COUPON
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    How sellit Coupons Work

    Once you have clicked on “ADD COUPON,” you get a say in how much money you want to discount to time/day restrictions. Specifically, here’s what you can choose:

    1. Coupon Code Name: This is the name of your sellit coupon code. Only letters and/or numbers can be used. Spaces or special characters cannot be incorporated. PLANOLY Pro-Tip: We recommend creating a simple and memorable name that’ll be easy for your customers to remember!
    2. Discount Type: This is the type of discount you can choose from, which is either to discount at a percentage (10% off entire order) or a fixed amount ($10 off entire order).
    3. Coupon Description: This is the description that will be shown on your order summary and all customer receipts. It is optional to fill out, but we recommend doing so as it’ll help you tell the difference between coupons. 
    4. Coupon Time Restrictions: This is the day and time restrictions you have on your coupon, so you decide exactly when it expires.
    5. Coupon Redeeming Restrictions: This is the redeeming restrictions you have on your coupon, so you decide exactly how many times your coupon can be redeemed. 

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    Redeem a Coupon 

    Once your customers are at checkout in your sellit storefront, they can type in your coupon code in the Order Summary.

    Keep Track of Your Coupons

    In PLANOLY, we keep track of the number of times your coupons are used by your customers. This information is featured under REDEMPTIONS under COUPONS in sellit

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: The first number is the number of times your coupon has been used by your customers. The second number is the set number of times your coupon can be redeemed.

    Ideas to Promote Your Coupons

    1. Partner with micro or nano influencers to share a sellit coupon to a specific target audience 
    2. Email a sellit coupon to an exclusive group of customers to reward your most loyal brand fans
    3. Offer a sellit coupon to new (or current!) email subscribers
    4. Reward your followers for filling out a survey and then send them a sellit coupon

    Share a sellit coupon to followers after they attend an IG live or watch an IGTV video

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Create a different sellit coupon for each of your social channels so you can strategically measure success! 

    Try sellit for free

    There is no better time than the holiday season to try out sellit! Use the coupon code sellit2020 at checkout in PLANOLY to get your first month of sellit free! *Valid through December 31st, 2020 for the first 500 redemptions. 

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Already a sellit user? Share this coupon code with your friends, family, or favorite small businesses. Everyone loves a good coupon!

    Happy holidays and happy selling! 


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