PLANOLY Feature: Auto-Post to Instagram

    January 11 2021

    The days of having to do the extra step of pushing posts through on Instagram are now over with PLANOLY’s auto-post feature! You can easily schedule your content and watch it magically appear on your grid without having to spend extra time to manually push it live on Instagram: a total game changer. 

    Auto-post is only available for Instagram Business accounts. Personal and Creator accounts are not eligible for this feature at this time.

    Enabling the auto-post feature also allows you to do the following when scheduling a post: 

    Keep reading on to learn how you can authenticate your account to unlock auto-post and schedule posts with it! 

    Setting Up Auto-Post: Authenticating Your Account

    The auto-post feature is only available for Instagram Business accounts. Setting your Instagram profile to a Business account allows you to access additional insights and tools, plus it’s free! If you don’t already have one, it’s easy to get started: Click here to set up your business account.

    NOTE: Your Instagram profile must also be linked to a Facebook page. Also, Instagram Personal & Creator profiles are not eligible to use the auto-post feature at this time as this is a restriction set directly by Instagram.

    Now that your Instagram Business account is set, let’s authenticate your account to unlock auto-post. Below are our how-to videos for both our web dashboard and mobile app. You'll learn where you can access the auto-post feature and enable auto-post when scheduling your social content!

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Paid users can auto-post image, GIFs, carousel image posts, and video grid posts!


















    NOTE: Instagram has some guidelines and limitations to auto-posted posts. You cannot post stories, Reels or carousel video posts through auto-post and Instagram Shoppable Tags are not included as posting features. Click here to learn more about Instagram’s guidelines and limitations.

    Having issues with setting up auto-post?  

    Sometimes there can be a connectivity issue with your Instagram profile and your Facebook page, causing them to not be properly connected within its settings. This can happen for a few reasons, like: if you’ve ever unlinked and relinked your Instagram profile to your Facebook page to switch your profile type - but no worries, we’re committed to helping you troubleshoot this issue so that you can get your auto-posting game on!

    Follow these steps below:

    • Step 1: Check both your Instagram account settings and Facebook Page settings to see if they are connected here 
    • Step 2: Check your Facebook page role to make sure that you are the owner or admin of the Facebook page in order to access additional Facebook page settings here
    • Step 3: Check your Facebook page integration settings to enable or re-set your connection between PLANOLY and your Instagram account here

    Now, you can try refreshing your PLANOLY web dashboard or mobile app and attempt to authenticate to unlock auto-post again! Note: If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s time for the “factory rest” approach. Click here to learn how to revoke and re-enable your PLANOLY permissions on your Instagram and Facebook settings in order to unlock auto-post. 

    Thanks to auto-post, there’s no need to manually publish your post and first comment to Instagram, AND you can automatically keep your content coherent on Twitter and Facebook pages. Talk about a seamless and smooth workflow.

    Want to become a PLANOLY pro? Head to our new PLANOLY Academy, a space dedicated to teaching you how to use our features and products. New videos every week!




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