New Look: Collections on StoriesEdit

    June 05 2019

    Since the release of StoriesEdit, we've had such a positive response from our community of users. We're so happy you've been loving the new app as much as we do! As you know, we're continually looking for ways to grow and improve the user experience, so we're excited to announce 'Collections' on StoriesEdit iOS and Android (web coming soon)! This new addition to the StoriesEdit app allows you to easily and quickly sift through the design options to find the specific collections or templates you're looking for. Keep reading below to learn more about how to access and use this new addition to StoriesEdit!

    "We're excited to announce 'Collections' on StoriesEdit iOS and Android."
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    How to Use Collections on StoriesEdit

    1. Open your StoriesEdit app on iOS or Android ('Collections' for web coming soon).
    2. Tap on 'Collections' at the top middle of your screen.
    3. Scroll through the different options and select your desired 'Collection.' We organized them by various categories, such as specific Partnership Collections, Brush, Core, Slate, etc.
    4. Once you choose your 'Collection,' you'll see a screen full of template options.
    5. Select your desired template to start customizing and designing your StoriesEdit template!

    We hope the new 'Collections' feature helps you navigate the StoriesEdit app in an easier and more efficient way. Overall, this new look is meant to make it better for you to view and select the templates you want to design with. Learn about more StoriesEdit features here, and check back for more updates coming soon!


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