New Feature: Auto Post Videos on PLANOLY

    February 05 2019

    We have some big can now autopost videos via PLANOLY! We are so excited about this feature, as it will allow users to have the freedom to plan more than just images ahead of time for auto posting. However, there are some guidelines to be aware of for which videos you're able to use for autoposting. These restrictions are set in place by Instagram, which PLANOLY has no control over. Read on below to learn everything you need to know!

    Instagram Requirements

    To autopost videos from PLANOLY, your Instagram Profile must be set to a Business Profile and be authenticated with PLANOLY via Facebook account linked to your Instagram Business profile. Learn more about creating an Instagram Business profile here.

    PLANOLY Requirements

    Only premium PLANOLY accounts are able to schedule auto-post videos. Learn more about our plan options here.

    Video Requirements

    • File Type: MOV or MP4
    • Frame Rate: 23-60 frames per second (slow motion videos are typically 120 or 240 FPS)
    • Picture Size: width of video HD (1920 pixel width)
    • No vertical or portrait-mode videos
    • Duration:
      - 60 seconds maximum
      - 3 seconds minimum
    • File Size: 100MB maximum

    *PLANOLY Tip: We recommend using Videoshop or Splice for editing and trimming your videos.

    How to Enable Your Instagram Account to Auto Post Videos via PLANOLY

    1. To Enable: go to the PLANOLY Web dashboard.
    2. Click on the Menu bar (3 horizontal lines) in the top right corner.
    3. Click on My Profile.
    4. Scroll down to the MANAGED ACCOUNTS section (where you'll see your Instagram Accounts).
    5. Click the blue button under that says "Auto Post" & toggle the switch on that says Enable Direct Instagram Publishing.
    6. Once you follow through and give permission, it will confirm your account is enabled for Auto Post.

    *Note: To add a 'thumbnail / 1st image for the video', you will need to edit the video and add the image as the first frame.


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