New Announcement: StoriesEdit 2.0

    September 22 2019

    New look, who dis?! We're excited to release our latest update, StoriesEdit 2.0! Our goal is always to empower small businesses and brands to grow and reach their fullest potential, and these new updates on our design tool will help to do just that. With StoriesEdit 2.0, you'll see a new navigation bar with a cleaner, all-white look, new 'Sticker' feature, an option to 'Duplicate' templates, and more! Continue reading to discover all of the amazing new updates on our content creation tool StoriesEdit.

    "We're excited to release our latest update, StoriesEdit 2.0!"
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    New Navigation Bar

    The most obvious change to the new StoriesEdit update is the new placement of the tools within the navigation bar! We've updated our UI for a cleaner look as well as made room for new design tools. It's all white, so it has a cleaner and chicer appearance (oooh la la!). Open a template and you'll see three icons on the bottom; from left to right there is a 'Duplicate' ICON (overlapping squares with a + sign in the middle), 'Add New Template' ICON (circle with a plus sign in the middle), and 'Edit' ICON (pencil).

    "We've updated our UI for a cleaner look as well as made room for new design tools."
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    Duplicate Template Tool

    The 'Duplicate' tool lets you create an identical version of the current template you're working on, which is perfect if you want to create duplicate templates with ease. While the template will copy over, media will not, allowing you to add different media to containers quickly.

    Add New Template

    When adding a new template, you'll have access to template Collections and will be able to preview and select a new template to start creating your content. StoriesEdit Tip: The other templates you're working on will stay where they are until you delete them. Swipe through your templates when you're in the editing view to see all of the current templates you're working on.

    "The Edit icon is where you can access Text, Stickers, Colors, and Shapes."
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    Edit Tool

    Finally, the Edit icon is where you can access Text, Stickers, Colors, and Shapes (more on that below)!

    • Stickers: We are SO excited to offer stickers for you to add to your template designs. From arrows, brush details, text, and're going to love them! The best part is that you can customize the color of the stickers to match your template and branding. To personalize your sticker, double tap on it and the color picker will come up. StoriesEdit Tip: Add a brush sticker layered under a text on your StoriesEdit template to highlight a word!
    • Text: Tap on the Text icon to write on your template design! Scroll through our wide variety of fonts (we recently added several new options), until you find one that matches your vibe. You can choose to make your text bold, italic, or ALL CAPS. Choose your font alignment to be left, center, or right. Change the size of your text, make the letters/words closer or farther apart, and customize the color of your font.
    • Color: Tap on the Color icon to change the background color of your template. Choose from the preset colors we offer, enter in a hex code, or slide through the color bar to find your perfect shade. Learn more about how to change colors on StoriesEdit here.
    • Shapes: The Shape tool allows you to add in a shape to your StoriesEdit template. Choose from a circle, triangle, square, or rounded square. You can also choose a shape that is filled in or hollow. Customize your shape with any color you'd like!

    New Preview Icon

    You might see a cute little eye in the top right of your template design (wink, wink); that's our new Preview icon! Click on the eye to see a full preview of what your template design will look like before saving it or posting it to your Instagram Stories.

    "Create visual consistency by using the same
    1-2 fonts every time you create templates!"

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    New Fonts

    Having a good selection of fonts to choose from is key when designing Instagram Stories. We wanted to give you even more to choose from, so scroll through to see all of the beautiful new font options we added! StoriesEdit Tip: Create visual consistency by using the same 1-2 fonts every time you create templates!That's all for now! We hope you enjoy our new StoriesEdit features as much as we do. As always, tag us @storiesedit and @planoly so we can get a glimpse into what our #PLANOLYfam is creating! Stay tuned for more StoriesEdit updates coming soon.


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