National Coffee Day

    September 29 2016

    Today might be one of our favorite holidays next to Christmas... yes, we said holiday! Coffee is always there for us, whether we're having a particularly slow morning or need a pick-me-up in the afternoon. The smell alone creates a warm and fuzzy feeling right down to our toes. This versatile and timeless drink definitely deserves a day of celebration. That's why we've narrowed down a few of our favorite coffee Instagram's for you to enjoy with us! Happy National Coffee Day fellow coffee lovers, now let's get to it!
    National Coffee Day - PLANOLY Blog - Blue Bottle@bluebottle coffee is as charming as they come. From their logo and branding to their amazing selection of coffee and pastries - we are in love. Cruising through their Instagram feed, you'll find incredible shots from their cafe locations in Oakland, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo! You can also join their online subscription to have Blue Bottle delivered directly to your door. Cheers to that!
    National Coffee Day - PLANOLY Blog - Alfred Coffee We absolutely adore @AlfredCoffee's branding, and their coffee is equally as delicious. They branded the "But first, coffee" phrase on their drink sleeves, which gives them double cool points in our book. We even saw they recently had a cameo in Drake's music video, so that definitely puts them on the map. Their Instagram is visually brilliant, with a black and white color scheme and pops of color throughout. This is definitely the most "Instagrammable" coffee shop we've ever seen.
    National Coffee Day - PLANOLY Blog - MELODY JOY MUNN@melodyjoyco is a coffee connoisseur and captures this liquid gold in a gorgeous way. The color theme in her feed mirrors that of coffee's colors with layers of brown, gold, black, white, and tan. Perusing through Melody's feed, it's clear to see how much she loves coffee. Enjoy beautiful photos from her travels and coffee escapades from all over the world!
    National Coffee Day - PLANOLY Blog - La Colombe Coffee At @LaColombeCoffee, authenticity is key. Here, you will find an extensive selection of coffee from all regions of the world, as well as their delicious draft latte and canned cold brew. They are committed to sourcing coffee from farms that emphasize sustainable practices, which makes it even better. You can also find celebs lining up for a cup of La Colombe Coffee at their New York City locations!
    National Coffee Day - PLANOLY Blog - Chameleon Cold Brew We love local Austin brand @Chameleoncoldbrew's fun and lively feed as well as their coffee! This organic cold-brew brand comes in several flavors and they get super creative with their product and recipes. On their Instagram feed, you'll find unique posts such as a coffee scrub recipe, adult coffee drink recipes, and so much more. Their newest flavor, Texas Pecan, tastes like cold-brew perfection. Take a stroll through their feed, and prepare to get some serious cold-brew cravings.


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