National Cat Day

    October 28 2016

    In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods, and it seems like we haven't forgotten about that. With a face like that, who can blame them? We're celebrating National Cat Day by showing off some of our favorite cat Instagram accounts to follow. These kitties are basically celebrities when it comes to Instagram. Read on and check out their feeds to find out why these felines are trending and stealing our hearts one meow at a time. It's a cat's world... we're just living in it.
    cats-instagram-planoly-blog-princesscheeto-2 We can't get enough of @princesscheeto's Instagram! This cat is pure magic. Scrolling through Cheeto's Instagram feed, you'll find her in all kinds of interesting predicaments. Plus, the captions are always purrrfect. One of our favorite photos is of Cheeto in an avocado with the caption reading "AvoCATo". It doesn't get much cuter than that. Cheeto was also recently on the cover of a magazine, Modern Cat. What a model! The funniest part is that she seems fine to have anything put on her head, whether it be a watermelon helmet, an orange, ramen noodles, a glass of wine, or actual cheetos (of course).
    cats-instagram-planoly-blog-albertbabycat-2@albertbabycat is one of the cutest kitties we've ever seen. With his bright blue eyes, fluffy fur, cute little nose, and permanent kitten size... who wouldn't be in love?! It's not often that you see a cat wearing clothes, but Albert seems to love dressing up in all kinds of crazy outfits. Albert has been featured on Buzzfeed and Animal Planet, so he's doing pretty well for himself when it comes to cat fame. We'll keep watching on Instagram to keep up with all of Albert's adorable shenanigans.
    cats-instagram-planoly-blog-momomilochub2-2 Momo and Milo are two cats who are dominating the Insta game with their cuteness. Momo is a male beige domestic shorthair and Milo is a male tabby and white American shorthair. Look through their Instagram feed, @momomilochub, and you'll see the most adorable photos of these two cats in their natural habitat. Mostly, you'll find them lounging around or being playful. It's clear to see how much these two felines are loved and enjoying the extravagant life of a cat.
    Cats of Instagram - PLANOLY Blog - rina takei Follow @rina_takei to see her two sweet and mischievous cats. Guinness is a black cat with striking green eyes, and Pimms is their newest addition, an orange tabby with blue eyes. They're living the dream cat life in London, and we can't get enough of these two. It seems like Guinness is still getting used to his little sister, but we're sure they'll be besties soon enough.


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