National Cake Decorating Day

    October 14 2016

    A lot of things in life bring joy, but cakes take the... cake. We're celebrating National Cake Decorating Day (which is tomorrow) by showcasing a few of our favorite cake designers. The baking and pastry world has taken off on social media and has become its own fashion industry in a way (i.e. cake trends and decorating styles, etc). These bakers are some of the best in the biz, and they have us swooning over their sweet designs! Here are our top 5 cake designer Instagrams to follow.
    National Cake Decorating Day - PLANOLY Blog - Sweet Bakes Alisha Henderson is a baker and "sugar designer" at @sweetbakes_ in Melbourne, Australia, and her Instagram has us mesmerized! She turns cakes into works of art with beautiful gold detailing, watercolor frosting, ornate cake toppings, and overall perfection. Alisha has a signature style that is both modern and elegant. Anyone who has made a birthday cake for Tiffany & Co. is alright in our book.
    National Cake Decorating Day - PLANOLY Blog - Cake Ink If you're looking for a stylish cake with a sophisticated flair, @cake_ink is what you need. For many of their cakes, they add glamorous cake toppings with real floral arrangements and greenery on the top or sides of the cake. These cakes look so romantic and would be perfect for a wedding. We love scrolling through their Instagram for party decor ideas and, of course, endless cake art.
    National Cake Decorating Day - PLANOLY Blog - laelcakes We love how whimsical @laelcakes Instagram and style account is. Her cakes are seriously breathtaking... we can only imagine how delicious they taste! Emily's work has been featured on Free People, and she has written a cookbook called Pure Artistry. Even more, this Brooklyn baker's cake shop specializes in being vegan and gluten free! We can't wait to dig in.
    National Cake Decorating Day - PLANOLY Blog - Nine Cakes@ninecakes creates delicious cakes with modern and whimsical design elements. Their Instagram feed shows the loveliest cakes with subtle, yet beautiful designs that look like works of art. They also have plenty of fun cakes featured throughout their grid that would be perfect for any child's birthday party. We love the adorable whale cake - complete with a spout and fins. From fancy to fun, Nine Cakes can do it all.
    National Cake Decorating Day - PLANOLY Blog - HeyThereCupCake_@heytherecupcake_'s cakes are bold and unique. Looking through her feed, you'll find bright colors and contemporary designs. Stevi Auble is a cake tastemaker living in San Diego, California. We love how innovative her cakes are - you definitely won't see her designs anywhere else. She plays with geometric shapes, beautiful colors, and surprising details to stay fresh and creative.


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