How DERMAFLASH Uses Myth-Busting and Partnerships to Build Brand Equity

    September 04 2020

    What is your unique social strategy and how has that helped you grow?

    Because we are a skincare tool brand, one of the primary focuses of our social strategy is to educate consumers and followers. When you provide engaging, educational content, your followers tag their friends and family—it’s the ripple effect! We’ve found that the best way to educate our audience is through videos showcasing DERMAFLASH products and devices in use, providing INSTANT results. There’s an “ew” factor of seeing dead skin and peach fuzz being removed that consumers can’t get enough of. We like to think of it as the “Doctor Pimple Popper Effect.”

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    How do you balance organic content like UGC with designed, more strategic content?

    A lot of the skin focused images we post on our feed are those that we are tagged in from our social community. We find that the more authentic content we share, the better! Our community wants to see REAL women with REAL results.

    DERMAFLASH needs a lot of education because the tools are so specific. How do you make sure it’s clear and concise when explaining how to use it?

    Consistency, repetition, and myth-busting! Many women have been told false information over the years that have led them to believe that removing peach fuzz from their faces will cause them to grow a beard. It is our job to dispel that myth as best as we can. With education, there’s always a slight learning curve with any at-home device, but our products are quite easy to use. For example, when using DERMAFLASH LUXE, all you need to do is hold your skin tightly with your free hand and use short feathery strokes for best results.

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    Adding to that question, video is very important for DERMAFLASH to show how it’s done. How do you best tell your story, while making sure a follower doesn’t swipe to another account?

    DERMAFLASH is a product you truly need to see in-use for you to fully grasp how incredible it is. People will start watching a DERMAFLASH video and see beautiful skin, and when the flashing begins, it is a shock to see how much “gunk” comes off your face. DERMAFLASH videos are the type of videos that you cannot look away from once they begin.

    How does sharing the makeup artists and their clients using DERMAFLASH benefit your Instagram?

    Partnering with celebrity makeup artists for big events like the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys benefit our brand in a huge way. Whenever a celebrity is Flashed, it elevates our brand equity. We truly believe that DERMAFLASH is every celebrity makeup artists’ secret weapon because it creates the perfect canvas for any look!

    The algorithm on Instagram can be tricky. How do you tackle that?

    We definitely feel the pain here! We continually test our posting times. We know our content does well when posted in the mornings on the weekends, for example. And we have a sweet spot on the weekdays in the evening typically. We are constantly trying out new times, new content, and new ideas.

    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers using their phones?

    Good lighting! 


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    What are the biggest challenges for your Instagram? 

    Myth-busting! We have a lot of women who are skeptical and will comment on our posts saying, “This is just shaving,” or “Go buy a $3 razor,” or “You’ll have a beard like a man after using this!” We spend a lot of time addressing these concerns (myths!) by explaining that DERMAFLASH is first and foremost an anti-aging exfoliation device (we have clinical studies!) with the added benefit of peach fuzz removal, and of course, your hair will grow back EXACTLY the same as before.

    What is your average engagement, and how did you initially grow on Instagram?

    Our reach and impressions are both over 1.5 million weekly, which we are super happy about given that we are still just a lean start-up. We started seeing our initial growth after we began partnering with influencers, working with makeup artists, and partnering with other brands for social giveaways.

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