Modern Rebel is Changing the Wedding Industry with its Relationship-First “Love Parties”

    July 27 2020

    Modern Rebel is Changing the Wedding Industry with its Relationship-First “Love Parties”

    July 27 2020  |  Interviews , Behind the Brand

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    At a first scroll, Modern Rebel’s Instagram could pass more as a feminist organization than a wedding and events business. Powerful imagery with bold call outs to the institution of marriage aren’t typically what you see on a wedding planner’s Instagram account. The stark difference from the crowd is precisely their point. There’s no rulebook for love, why should there be one for weddings? 

    Behind the alternative event planning company and brand is Amy Shack Egan, the founder and CEO of Modern Rebel in New York City. She’s known for coining the term “love parties” and planning some of the most unique weddings you’ll ever attend. Their approach is simple: no manufactured weddings! 

    Modern Rebel is Amy’s way of calling BS on the wedding industrial complex. And she and her team are working tirelessly to dismantle it, one love party at a time. But before we get started, you must know, Amy didn’t always want to be a wedding planner. In fact, she used to turn her nose up at the idea.PLANOLY - Blog Post - Modern Rebel Giveaway - Image 5

    Photographers from this editorial feature of weddings by Modern Rebel include: @chellisemichaelphotography | @chazcruz | @holcombandco | @minkmade

    It wasn’t until after she had been living in New York did she seriously consider wedding planning for her career path. She was helping a friend plan and organize a wedding when that friend turned to her and said, “You know Amy, you could do this, you could be a wedding planner.” Amy just remembers responding, “Ugh, I would never do that,” and that stuck with her.  Why would she never do that? The strong reaction to her friend’s job suggestion was the catalyst that started her rebellion against traditional wedding planning. “Why are so many people excited to marry someone but turned off by the wedding industry - an industry that's supposed to be about love?” she wondered.

    Amy created Modern Rebel after finding space for her to stand out. She built her company on the idea that the wedding should reflect the real highlight: the relationship. And that’s a big part of what makes her company and team so unique. “There’s a level of perspective,” says Amy, “Everyone is down to earth. They are a team of women and non-binary planners with a great care for logistics and a level of perspective."

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    It’s that ‘yes, and ?’ mentality that continues to rewrite the rules for weddings planned by Modern Rebel. Their value on the couples’ health and relationship is what makes their planning process less stressful than most. “I’ve never seen a wedding planning company create a community as we have. We’re all so connected, and I think it’s because we share the belief that ultimately, in the planning process, if it's negatively affecting the relationship, the decision is not that important! Skip it."

    Turns out, Modern Rebel is a mission driven organization – with equality and giving back at the center of what they do. They don’t make assumptions about someone’s gender identity or what traditions they want to keep. That’s why they make sure they’re asking the right questions when meeting a new couple; so that whatever makes a relationship special translates into the ceremony they plan. If you want your wedding to be a space disco cowboy-themed, then Modern Rebel can make that come to life. They even make a priority to give back with each ceremony. They donate to nonprofits to help change the narrative that throwing a party and giving back are mutually exclusive.

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