PLANOLY People: Timothy Clifton

    August 13 2021

    Meet Timothy Clifton! As Technical Support Specialist at PLANOLY, he's responsible for escalating any technical problems our users may face so they get resolved so our customers can use our products.

    We met Timothy via zoom, where he joined us with one of his four cats, Sergio. When you meet Timothy, you're instantly confronted by his outgoing personality and candidness. His candor is what we believe makes him truly able to empathize with our customers. He leans into his communications background and interest in technology and software to support our team and community at PLANOLY. 

    Here you'll learn about the importance of attention to detail in all areas of your life. 

    Even when you're ready for change, rely on past experiences to help you grow in your role. 

    Timothy joined us from Brooklyn. After enjoying his time in the city and living through a pandemic, he realized it was time for him and his family to make a change.

    "I was itching to get out of retail, but was enjoying the technical and software side of things which is what led me to PLANOLY." 

    Timothy has a degree in communications and previous retail from helping him start the Apple store in New York City. 

    "After finding this role on LinkedIn, I spoke with Christina Wells (Head of People) and instantly knew I wanted to work for this company. It sort of bridged my educational experience and work experience together and brought me closer to the technical side." 

    Through his past experiences was where he learned to approach work by listening to the customer. 

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    Leading with empathy makes it easier to problem solve. 

    "I would attribute my empathetic nature to my last job. You know, we all deal with technology and come head-on with technological problems. So understanding that I've dealt with a similar problem, whether it be an issue with an email or password, made it easier to stay calm and help them through it." 

    Timothy is the first one to admit he doesn't know everything but loves learning new things every day. Whether that be in your job or outside of work. 

    "I always say when I don't know the answer. It's better than not saying anything. I am always happy to ask for help. That way, I can learn and have the answer if it ever happens again." 

    Timothy has to work with multiple teams and thinks of it as Quality Assurance on the customer side.

    "I work with the engineering team and product team to escalate any unknown issues or bugs that arise once our users start using the app." 

    His proactive responses make him such a wonderful fit. 

    Every new role takes time and patience.  

    Not only is Timothy a hard worker, but he's a hardworking parent to his four cats and plants. 

    "Between my fiance and me we have four cats and 60 plants. We packed them all up when we made the move to Austin." 

    Plants and cats are not the calmest of species and can sometimes be a little finicky, but Timothy was able to get them into their new home comfortably through the process. 

    "When I moved to Brooklyn, I was looking to bring some more green to the city, so I got into taking care of plants. It took a lot of trial and error and research to learn what it took to keep them alive." 

    Take it from Timothy. It takes time and patience and the ability to admit when you need help. His empathy helps escalate efficiently and effectively and is something we can all consider when we approach a new role or hobby. 


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