Meet the creators: Bloguettes

    August 08 2016

    Bloguettes is the brainchild of Lorena Garcia and Sakura Considine, two best friends who had a vision of helping other people build their own blogs and brands. They consult for small businesses, host branding workshops, social media webinars, create video tutorials and more! The Bloguettes are quickly becoming a social media guru #GirlGang and we're thrilled to have them on our blog in our first edition of our Meet The Creators series. Can you say #SquadGoals?

    Introduce yourselves

    Lorena: My name is Lorena Garcia and I grew up in Mexico, but went to grad school in Arizona. At that time, I was convinced I was going to move back to Mexico and become an investment banker. But to my own surprise, I decided to stay in Arizona. The investment banking industry isn't very big here, so I decided to become an entrepreneur. I started a fashion and news site with two friends that soon became the Refinery29 of Mexico. During this time, I fell in love with the internet and its possibilities. After this endeavor, I met Sakura at a dinner randomly a few years back and continued our friendship with the common interest of entrepreneurship & the tech world being our interest! We created Bloguettes and my role (in addition to co-founder) is handling the business development and strategy. Sakura: My name is Sakura Considine and I am one of the co-founders of Bloguettes, as well as the Creative Brand Director. I've always had a passion for everything and anything visual and I love photography and graphic design. I work really closely with the Creative Team at Bloguettes and make sure that everything we produce is pretty and on-brand!
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    What inspired you to create Bloguettes?

    We both had side projects and had learned a lot on our own about the internet, social media, and just business in general in today's world. It is so incredibly easy to start a business thanks to the internet and social media, but at the same time, it has become a struggle to stand out from the crowd. We wanted to create a workshop where people can come together and really learn the ins and outs of how to stand out in a saturated market. Our original concept of Bloguettes was just a workshop once a month, but it's evolved into so much more!

    "We wanted to create a workshop where people can come together and really learn the ins and outs of how to stand out in a saturated market."
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    How is it like working with each other and what advice can you give for business partners?

    It's important to complement each other's strength and weaknesses and trust one another with decisions they're making in their departments. Partnerships are a magical thing when they work (and we've been through the not so good sides in our past), which is why we're so lucky to thoroughly enjoy working together! Always treat each other with respect no matter how close you are and always learn to be empathetic!

    "Always treat each other with respect no matter how close you are & always learn to be empathetic!"
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    We admire your approach in business and the way you're building your community. Why do you think community is so important in the blogging/business world?

    As we mentioned before, it's a saturated market and you need to build your community and get some support! Always think to give, give, give, then get. It's so important to help one another!

    How does your team decide on what content to create and how far in advance do you plan?

    We're an all-girls company and we all have interests in our industry, so whenever we think of an idea, we share amongst ourselves. We always have a company group chat going to keep each other informed and our Editorial team is fantastic with coming up with content. We also know our market very well, so we know exactly what type of content would do the best! When it comes to the actual planning part, it depends on what type of content, but social media is typically a week out. We definitely know when we have to post certain things within the month, but as far as social media goes, we plan them a week prior! As far as the editorial team goes, our editorial calendar is planned about a month or so out. We're building our writing team and we try to space things out accordingly on the blog and on social.
    Meet the creators: Bloguettes PLANOLY interview blog - office 2

    How has PLANOLY helped the Bloguettes team and your workflow?

    We have multiple departments within the company and we all help one another when it comes to planning out our Instagram account. We have the Creative Department handling the imagery and the Marketing team handling the caption and posting! As any company, things get moved around last minute, so PLANOLY has really helped us get organized, and keep everything grid-perfect! ;)

    What are your favorite blogs and Instagram accounts to follow?

    Margo & Me @margoandme, Sincerely Jules @sincerelyjules and Barefoot Blonde @amberfillerup

    Career Advice:
    "It isn't easy. Branding and success doesn't happen overnight, so you must be passionate about what you do to keep going!"

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