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    July 09 2021

    If you ever found a blog post full of helpful tips just by searching Google, then you’ve seen some of her work. Meet Aurora Sanchez, our SEO specialist. She’s responsible for increasing our web traffic and ensuring that our content fits the needs of anyone searching for it. But when she’s not working, she’s creating beautiful makeup looks for her makeup Instagram and blog

    PLANOLY is for small business owners and creators like Aurora to share their creativity on social media. Hear Aurora share how she got out of her comfort zone and made beauty her side hustle. It might inspire you to do the same. 

    Get out of your comfort zone – you never know where it’ll take you. 

    Despite always having an interest in makeup, Aurora didn’t start her beauty and makeup Instagram because of it.

    “It started as a way for me to get better at SEO, but as I began toying around with makeup, I realized I had an unhealthy relationship with how I looked in pictures, so I made myself do this to improve that relationship with myself.” 

    During the process, she found skincare and beauty to be a form of self-care. 

    “In the beginning, it turned into a way to improve my own self-confidence. But once you start looking at yourself, you start picking yourself apart. So by introducing mindfulness, I was able to take myself out of the process and work on not being so judgmental. This helped me really pay attention to what I was doing a get better at makeup.” 

    Even when it’s hard, you have to be kind and listen to yourself. 

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    When you’re feeling burnt out, know it’s okay to stop.

    Aurora started her makeup blog and Instagram in 2015, but it hasn't always been a source of joy for her. She shared a time when she was unhappy and felt burnt out so she stopped doing makeup. 

    “Back in 2018, I burned out completely. I wasn’t able to do anything. It wasn’t until I focused on my mental health did I start doing makeup again.” 

    This experience allowed her to focus on what truly matters. Here’s her advice to some newbies trying to get into makeup or explore their hobbies for the first time. 

    “Always make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. The day it stops being fun is the day you should stop.” 

    Never let something stop you from being your best you. 

    Work hard-ish, create hard. 

    Aurora is back in the game, creating makeup looks every chance she gets. She sometimes spends up to 8 hours a week putting looks together and then shooting them and editing them. 

    "I usually try to find a time when I’m not exhausted so I don’t rush through it. Most of it is on the weekends. I have done it after work but only if I’m excited or feeling inspired."

    Aurora finds inspiration in one of two ways. 

    "Either by listening to a K-pop album and getting a vibe and feel from the artist or by seeing graphic eyeliners from runways or other makeup artists. "

    Just like Aurora never stops improving the quality of her work at PLANOLY, she's never done improving her makeup skills. Learn more about the people of PLANOLY here. 

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