How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients

    April 04 2022

    Between creating content, keeping up with new trends, and engaging with our communities in DMs and comments, managing a social media account requires a lot of work. In 2022, most of us aren't managing one, but multiple accounts at once! This is a huge feat - especially for busy social media managers, agency owners, and business owners who already have a ton on their plates. 

    As an agency owner myself, I know firsthand how near impossible it can feel to stay inspired and organized to create winning content for multiple accounts when you feel pulled in so many different directions. That’s why having the right combination of strategy, tools, and systems is so important. 

    If you’re ready to stop juggling and start managing multiple social media accounts with more ease and less stress, keep reading for my 4-step guide. 

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    STEP 1: Start with Your Strategy

    Think of your social media strategy as the roadmap that guides you in creating content that will actually help you achieve your overall business goals by ensuring that you deliver your message in a way that sticks for your audience. Not only will it help you stay true to the voice and personality of each social media page you manage, but it will help you skip a lot of the initial brainstorming that may cause you to feel stuck.

    The best way to create a solid social media strategy is by establishing content pillars for each of the social media accounts you manage. Think of content pillars this way: if you had to break your brand’s mission and core values into key themes that you could talk about all day, what would they be? And what subtopics would fall nicely under each of these themes? Aim to create 3-5 simple content pillars for each social media account you manage, and use them as your guideline for the content you’ll create. 

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: To save yourself time when you’re scheduling content, create hashtags groups for each of your content pillars using PLANOLY’s hashtag manager! 

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    STEP 2: Collect Your Creative Inspiration

    Once you know what the foundation of your strategy will be for each of the social media accounts you manage, you need to know how to present that strategy with content that is simple, entertaining, and engaging. To do this, you’ll need to find sources of endless inspiration.

    The best way to gather inspiration is by staying on the pulse of the industries and niches you work in. Identify leading companies and experts in your niches, subscribe to newsletters related to those particular industries, and make it your mission to learn them from the inside out. Once you dive in, you’ll realize that the way people communicate and the trends that gain virality can be very different across industries. Rely on these sources of inspiration to help you get clear about the wants and needs of each audience you are creating content for.

    STEP 3: Map Out Your Content Calendar 

    Content calendars are so important because they ensure that the content you are posting aligns with the interests of your audience and the conversations they may be having on social media. Additionally, content calendars help you map out how you will spread awareness about important things happening in your business, such as launches or promotions. When you are managing multiple social media accounts, having a place to map this information out is especially important so that you can plan out your content creation process accordingly.

    Whether you create a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly content calendar, you should always include key dates that are important to your business, timely topics you want to focus on in relation to these dates, and space for you to brainstorm and flesh out your content ideas. 

    PLANOLY is great for content planning because it has a simple and visual interface that enables you to see how your content will come together before it is actually published. It also has a ‘placeholder’ feature you can use to draft your general content ideas before your actual content is created.

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: In PLANOLY’s visual planner, they list important national and social media holidays you should make note of in your content calendar! Use this as a reference while planning out your content. 

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    STEP 4: Organize your content creation process 

    The number one mistake I see people making when managing multiple social media accounts is trying to create all of their content at once. Content creation requires so many parts of your brain, and when you are constantly switching between writing captions, designing graphics, and editing videos, it can be mentally exhausting. That’s why it’s so important to plan your content calendar ahead of time so that you can break down each part of your content creation process into microtasks.

    Dedicate a part of your day, or an entire day based on how many social media accounts you manage, to each of these tasks: 

    • Outlining and finding sound bites for your video content
    • Actually recording (or having your clients record) and editing your video content
    • Designing graphics 
    • Writing captions 

    When you manage your process this way, you’ll be able to flow from creating content for one social media account to the other more easily because you’re using way less brainpower switching from one task to another.

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: Use PLANOLY’s collection feature to store your content and preview what it will look like before you publish it.

    STEP 5: Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

    You won’t believe how much time you can save in your day by scheduling your content instead of posting it manually. Use PLANOLY’s auto-scheduling feature to publish your content, and for Instagram reels, use PLANOLY’s reel planner so that all your assets, including your video, cover image, and caption, are all in one place. 

    Managing multiple social media accounts requires a healthy balance of strategy, creativity, and organization. Nurture these skills and managing multiple social media accounts won’t only become more manageable, but your results will be more successful!

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    Gabriella Layne-Avery

    Gabriella Layne-Avery is a Content Strategist, Creative Director, and the founder of the content marketing agency Strut Communications. Known for coining the term ‘sustainable social media,’ she believes it’s 100% possible for small business owners to leverage social media to cultivate engaged, loyal communities for their brands without spending 24/7 doing so.

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