How To Make The Most of Cyber Monday as an Influencer

    November 04 2018

    Hello! Adriana here! We recently chatted in a previous post on Tips for Creating Black Friday Content, and today we're going to talk about an even bigger day to monetize through your blog + social channels during the holidays: Cyber Monday! According to the NRF (National Retail Federation), more than 122M people across the U.S. shopped during Cyber Monday last year! And it's only going to be an even higher number of shoppers this year. Some shoppers will also stay ahead of the game by having everything ready that they want to purchase by midnight on Sunday the night before! People are very serious about their Cyber Monday deals, and with more and more people turning to online shopping, this time of year is best to start prepping your Cyber Monday Strategy. It's incredibly vital to use the month of October as a strategy building month and to begin establishing yourself as a prime RESOURCE for holiday sales + content for your readers. You want them to be able to turn to you for everything and anything they need-to-know during the holiday season. * PLANOLY Pro Tip:Cyber Monday is a GREAT time to drive traffic to your website with the use of your affiliate links. Make the most of this time of year by doubling the amount of content that you're creating & sharing (including the links you use within blog posts!) As you can tell, Cyber Monday is a great time to make the most of the affiliate links that you're sharing on your blog as well as on social. There are five great ways in which you can make the most of Cyber Monday as an influencer, and I'm sharing them with you below!

    "Cyber Monday is a great time to drive traffic to your website with the use of your affiliate links."
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    1. Goal Setting

    Set goals for the weeks to come, and strategize about the content that you're planning to promote. Create a timeline of the different posts that you would like to share with your readers, and brainstorm a list of which sales you're planning to include within each post on your Blog, Instagram account, or both! This will give you a better overview of your upcoming content so that it makes it easier for you to schedule and execute.

    2. Prep Your Social Channels

    Whether you're creating a curated wishlist, gift guide, or holiday outfits for your readers to gather ideas from... it's important to prep your social channels and begin by noting which content you'd like to share on each platform. It's also GREAT if you mix-up your content and share different images and promos on each platform! This will keep your followers excited about seeing different content on each channel and will lead them to check all of your social platforms more often.

    3. Create a List of Online Promos/Offers

    You can utilize your affiliate platform of choice by creating a list of offers & promotions that will be happening over the next few weeks that you'd like to share with your readers. This can be for brands that you're planning to wear in your outfit posts, brands whose sales you're excited to talk about, or brands that would be great to spotlight during the holidays.

    "Set goals for the weeks to come, and strategize about the content that you're planning to promote."
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    4. Push Out Double the Content

    This tip is vital when planning out your content during November and December. Now is the best time of year to layer in double the affiliate links within your content to maximize on your sales. So you want to make sure that you're promoting all of your favorite sales that are taking place. This means, posting double the content on social and on the blog as well! Do you typically share three images a week or less on Instagram? Try doubling it up to at least five images or one image every day (if you can!). Some bloggers share anywhere between 1 to 3 images a day during the holiday months, so the more, the BETTER when you're promoting during this season.

    5. Promote Promote Promote

    Just like it says in the title: PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. Share your content and carefully crafted posts throughout all of your social channels. Share a new outfit photo from a recent blog post on Facebook, Tweet a new SALE ALERT on Twitter with a fun caption, pin blog & Instagram content to your Pinterest boards, and share new images on Instagram! It's important to make the most of this time of year by actively promoting your fresh and fun content across all of your social channels.


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