Love Language Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Love Language Types

    November 16 2020

    Words of Affirmation

    Those who prefer Words of Affirmation as their love language desire verbal affection. In short, they love to be constantly told that they are appreciated. This holiday season, giving the gift of words will fill the hearts of those who identify with this love language.

    You might find they love journaling or a comforting “You Got This” sign at their desk. Give them some words to show them your care. Or, share some words that will inspire them to keep going!

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    Words of Affirmation as Gifts

    1. Mail a letter with the cutest cards from Meg Ya Look
    2. Gift journals like these from sellit store May Designs
    3. Call and remind your friend how much they inspire you

    Acts of Service

    If your loved one is a believer that actions speak louder than words, then their love language is Acts of Service. They require more than just words; they need an action tied to your appreciation for them. Make them breakfast in bed, fill up their car with gas, or buy them concert tickets to see their favorite artist.

    This person prioritizes taking their time in the morning to make a cup of joe, loves having a clean house, and melts every time someone brings food to share in the office.

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    Acts of Service as Gifts

    1. Send some treats to your friends with pets from sellit store Brookwood In Georgetown that doubles as a charitable organization 
    2. Clean the dishes and let your loved one take the night off 
    3. Drop off their favorite coffee order

    Receiving Gifts

    Among the most commonly adored of the love languages are Receiving Gifts. Although still very heartfelt, this love language is a bit more material driven. If you're gifting this individual, your gift still requires thoughtfulness and intention. The gift must be very deliberate and representative of your relationship with that person.

    When this person goes on vacation they always bring back souvenirs. There’s also no such thing as a solo stop in the morning for donuts; this person grabs a dozen to share with the office.

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    Quality Time

    Those who identify with Quality Time as their love language adore when their partner, friends, or family prioritize quality time with them. Undivided attention–and lots of it–is where they feel loved. You can make them feel loved by not looking at your phone when you’re spending time together.

    This person tends to love to spend time in nature and will jump at any opportunity to plan quality time. They also enjoy when someone they care about plans activities for them.

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    Quality Time as Gifts

    1. Plan a virtual spa day with a mask from Milk and Honey
    2. Set a FaceTime date 
    3. Invite your quarantine group to a backyard smores hangout 

    Physical Touch

    The last of the love languages is Physical Touch. This person melts when love or care is communicated through touch. When they consent, they like to be hugged, kissed, or to have their hand held. Physical intimacy is what they value most as it represents emotional connectivity.

    This person never passes up an opportunity to go to the spa. They are the friend who shows affection and the type of person that says “I’m a hugger” when meeting new people.

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    Physical Touch as Gifts

    1. Soft sheets for a hard snooze from bedtonic
    2. Create closeness with a signature scent from PHLUR
    3. If you can, give them a big hug

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