How to Lock in Your First Brand Partnership

    January 01 2019

    Hi friends! Adriana here. Today we're going to chat about ways in which you can lock in your first brand partnership! I'm so excited to dive into this with you because this is a topic that I wasn't very familiar with when I first began navigating through brand partnerships. Before I started collaborating with brands, I wish I would have had some sort of roadmap or manual to follow to know the ins and outs of landing my first brand collaboration. That being said, I hope that this post will help you better understand brand partnerships and learn more about how you can guarantee locking in your first paid campaign. (The first of many!) Whenever you're beginning to search for ways to collaborate with brands, there are a few different avenues or routes that you can take to begin looking into all possible campaign opportunities. It can vary between influencers, but I typically follow the three following steps: contacting pr agencies, connecting with affiliate networks, and pitching potential collaborations to brands. *PLANOLY Pro Tip: Before you start with the three steps above, one thing that you should do at the very beginning is to create a list of potential brands that you would like to work with. Write down some of your favorite and top brands that you'd love to collaborate with. Whether they're within reach at the moment, or whether they're someone you could collaborate with later on during your blogging journey - this list will be such a great tool to look back on in the next few weeks, months, and years ahead to see how far you've come. (You can also include this on your Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet too!)

    Let's Dive into All 3 Steps:

    PR Agencies

    Agencies work as the middleman between the brand and the influencer, and they serve as a great resource when it comes to letting you know about available opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations with brands. They also love connecting with influencers that genuinely love the brands that they represent, and most of the time seek out potential collaborators in this way. (Agencies typically have their niche, so the more PR reps that you can contact, the better!) *PLANOLY Pro Tip - Always maintain excellent relationships with your PR contacts, because they will be the ones sending you available brand campaigns with new or recurring brands. They will be your "go-to" when it comes to great brand collaborations, and will also serve as your own mini influencer team marketing team.

    Affiliate Networks

    A great way to monetize through brand collaborations is with affiliate networks that you already partner with. Contact your affiliate network representative to learn more about available opportunities, or to find out ways in which you can leverage yourself for potential brand collaborations.

    Email Pitching

    Know your email pitch and your objectives well. Tweak, tailor, and adjust each email depending on the brand that you're reaching out to. You want to show each brand that you interact with what you can bring to the table for them. Always remember, that It's all about adding value back to them and you want to make sure that you convey that message. (Always have your media kit ready, and up-to-date! Most brands will ask you for this!) *PLANOLY Pro Tip - Brands receive several emails every day when it comes to collaborations, so make sure that you're setting yourself apart with yours! Create a quirky or fun email title that will catch their attention, list out the things you admire about their brand, and mention your objectives towards a collaboration. At the end of the day, brands are looking for influencers that not only have a voice, and a strong platform, but that are also true lovers of their brand, and that will speak to it in a way that makes their audience excited about it as well.

    "A great way to monetize through brand collaborations is with affiliate networks that you already partner with."
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    Important takeaways from today's post:

    1. Get connected with PR representatives and agencies.
    2. Research available opportunities within your affiliate networks.
    3. Perfect your email pitch, and always have an updated media kit on hand.

    In order to create more opportunity within securing brand partnerships, you want to always make sure that the three things above are in place and on rotation. This will ensure a smooth and seamless process when it comes to activating those brand collaborations and maintaining healthy brand and pr representative relationships. For more tips & tricks on maintaining a successful blog and brand, check out our list of recent blog posts here.


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