How to Use linkit for This Season's Holiday Strategy

    October 27 2020

    What is linkit?

    To put simply, linkit is a visual gallery of your Instagram posts linked to URLs. It’s a free tool built within PLANOLY (and the Instagram Planner) and has a custom URL, which you can include anywhere a link can be shared!

    Things to know:

    • In your linkit gallery, you have two customizable buttons at the top, which you can link to any URL. 
    • Below the buttons is your linkit gallery grid. Here you can add a selection of your published Instagram grid posts. 
    • Once a post is added to your gallery grid, you can redirect it to any URL (Learn more here about linkit!)
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    Business Owners
    Nonprofit Organizations


    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Don’t consider yourself any of these? No worries! You can (and should!) still take advantage of this information and apply it to your social media marketing.

    linkit Inspiration for Influencers

    Influencers of all sizes have many opportunities to tap into this holiday season! Incorporate linkit into your holiday strategy by utilizing its customizable buttons and the gallery grid. 

    Inspiration for your linkit buttons 

    • Link to your website or blog
    • Redirect to seasonal giveaways
    • Link to your personal Amazon page if you’re a part of the Amazon Influencer Program (Definitely check this out if you’re an influencer, because you can get rewarded for recommending your favorite products!) 

    Inspiration for your linkit gallery grid

    • Feature holiday-themed or partnership blog posts - Planning to write any holiday-themed blog posts this year? How about blog posts for partnerships? Use linkit to link to these posts to drive traffic to your blog/website. 
    • Link to Vogmas videos or podcast episodes! - Are you taking part in YouTube's Vlogmas this year but not sure how to organize all of your video content? Once published, link your Vlogmas videos from your linkit gallery posts. 
    • Incorporate affiliate marketing - linkit can strategically be used for affiliate marketing! Link your gallery grid posts to products or pages.

    linkit User Example: PLANOLY and linkit user, Portia, @obsessedbyportia, uses linkit as a go-to resource for her followers.

    Portia shares with us, “I love how linkit provides a seamless and comprehensive resource for my community, allowing them to shop, learn and explore my favorite brands and experiences.”

    PLANOLY-Blog Post- Linkit-holiday-strategy-image1
    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Linkit-holiday-strategy-image2

    linkit Inspiration for Solopreneurs/Freelancers

    Whether you’re a freelancer (of any kind!), graphic designer, photographer, or solopreneur, you know the importance of promoting your portfolio, website, and work samples. linkit can help take your linking up a notch! The following are some ideas on where to include your linkit URL and what to add to your linkit gallery grid. 

    Where to include your linkit URL to drive traffic

    • Email footer (so your customers/clients can always find more information about you!)
    • Social media bios
    • LinkedIn comments when networking (when appropriate!)

    Inspiration for your linkit gallery grid

    If you sell digital or physical products, linkit’s gallery grid is a great way to visually showcase what you’re selling this holiday season. This is also a great space to utilize if you’re a freelancer because you can show off your work samples here! Consider including the following in your linkit gallery grid:

    • Work samples
    • Links to client or customer reviews
    • Physical products
    • Digital products (i.e. online courses, fitness programs, and ebooks)

    linkit User Example: Yoga and meditation teacher, @demetriajackson, uses her linkit grid gallery to redirect her followers to her meditation videos on YouTube. She also uses her two customizable buttons to link to her website and YouTube channel.

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Did you know PLANOLY also offers sellit? sellit is a tool that transforms your linkit gallery into a social storefront where you can sell your products directly! As a solopreneur or a freelancer, sellit could be a great option for you! Click here to learn more.

    linkit Inspiration for Businesses

    While there will always be last-minute shoppers during the holiday season, many of your customers will be planning further ahead with shopping than ever before! Utilize linkit in your holiday strategy by utilizing the customizable buttons and gallery grid. 

    Inspiration for your linkit buttons

    Driving traffic to your website is a given (particularly during this holiday season!), but here’s what else you can link to your linkit buttons.

    • Discount codes or special sales your business is offering
    • Product or service FAQs to help educate your customers
    • About page or contact form so your customers can learn more and contact you

    Inspiration for your linkit gallery grid

    • Link to blog articles from your website
    • Provide free downloadables for your customers
    • Link to product pages from your website

    linkit User Example: PLANOLY and linkit user, @tactustherapy, is a business that sells best-selling therapy adult speech therapy apps to help stroke patients get more practice. Here’s what Megan, Director of Tactus Therapy, has to say about linkit

    “We have an important message to get out to speech pathologists and people living with the consequences of a stroke, so we use PLANOLY and the linkit gallery to share our resources and insights with our followers, making it really easy to point people to all the free handouts, apps, and articles we offer.”

    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Linkit-holiday-strategy-image3
    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Linkit-holiday-strategy-image4

    linkit Inspiration for Nonprofit Organizations

    It may be a no-brainer to say the holidays are a crucial time of year for nonprofit organizations (NPOs). Due to the pandemic, your NPO may have started holiday fundraising/planning a lot earlier than expected this year. 

    Featured below is how you can use linkit to help maximize your holiday strategy. Specifically, we’ll show you what you can link from your linkit buttons and gallery grid.

    Inspiration for your linkit buttons

    • Donation, mission, or volunteer landing page
    • Newsletter signup
    • Fundraiser or holiday event

    Inspiration for your linkit gallery grid

    • Testimonials from donations
    • Blog articles from your website or feature your free resources
    • Outsourcing information about your cause

    linkit User Example: PLANOLY and linkit user, Natural Resources All Families Foundation (@naturalresourcessf), is a nonprofit organization that supports new and expectant families through classes, essential products, and community. 

    Here’s how Natural Resources is using linkit this holiday season, “This holiday season, Natural Resources is using linkit to highlight products and gift-giving ideas for newly pregnant families, new parents, and growing kids. We will also share ways to celebrate the holidays during a season that looks different than ever before.”

    linkit Inspiration for Agencies

    If you work for an agency, your company may be planning to highlight your clients and customers this holiday season. linkit is a great tool for agencies because it provides many linking opportunities. Incorporate linkit into your holiday strategy by taking advantage of the customizable buttons and gallery grid. 

    Inspiration for your linkit buttons

    • Link to your website or holiday landing page
    • Redirect to your about page or contact form
    • Link to any holiday promotion 

    Inspiration for your linkit gallery grid

    • Feature client testimonials
    • Link to case studies
    • Feature employee highlights or “behind the scenes” content 

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Click here to read the best practices for creating a holiday content plan!

    Create It. Link It. Share It!

    While the shopping lines outside for Black Friday and this holiday shopping may be shorter, website traffic may be more explosive than ever this holiday season. PLANOLY’s latest feature linkit (located in PLANOLY!) is here to help you increase traffic and sales where you need it most.

    Don't Forget! - You can drop the linkit link wherever you can insert a link. It doesn’t need to be featured in just your Instagram bio. You can insert your linkit URL in your newsletter, email footer, group chat (yes, group chat!), and so many other places. We encourage you to be creative, especially for this holiday season!


    For more resources, head to our Create Your Joy Workstation. Happy holidays PLANOLYFam, and happy linking!

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