Leveraging Your Influence Series: How to Create Consistency

    August 13 2019

    When it comes to creating consistency with your blog and your content, it's important to ensure that you're cultivating the right relationships to form the right partnerships. Consistency is also revolved around the brands that you work with and the campaigns that you line up with them. Whether it's a campaign solely for Instagram, your blog, or all of your social platforms - creating lasting brand relationships will ensure that you have avenues to follow for brand work and partnerships in the future.

    "Keep the posts coming by staying consistent on your feed, and scheduling everything out with PLANOLY."
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    5 Ways to Cultivate Consistency

    1. Create a brand contact document - It's best to have a document you can reference to see which brands you're currently working with, planning to work with, and are hoping to work with. I like to keep all of my brand contacts on an excel sheet to help keep everything streamlined.
    2. Don't forget to follow-up - Part of creating consistency might mean that you're reaching out to, and pitching to brands that you want to work with. Always keep in mind that life gets busy, and sometimes emails slip through - don't forget to follow-up and check-in with the brand to see if they received your email!
    3. Set a campaign timeline - You have some great collaborations lined up, now what? Add them to a campaign timeline sheet or document to stay organized and on top of your due dates. You can also use one of our many content calendars.
    4. Fill in the gaps on your calendar - Do you have a few days or weeks in a row where you don't have content scheduled or any campaigns happening? Poll your readers, send out a survey, and pitch a few more brands - all of this will help in finding ways to fill your calendar up with more posts or partnerships so you can stay consistent on your blog and social!
    5. Utilize PLANOLY to draft and plan posts - Keep the posts coming by staying consistent on your feed, and scheduling everything out with Planoly! Head to the blog for tips on how to create a consistent and easy workflow when it comes maximizing your time and prepping your content.

    For more on ways to leverage yourself and your brand to create consistency, make sure to head to our blog! - Planoly Blog


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