Advice: Learn to Plan

    October 23 2015

    Advice: Learn to plan. This is a major key to success!

    Those who fail to plan... plan to fail. How many times have you heard that quote over and over again? When we're unorganized and don't plan... there's chaos! True story. Save stress and time when you plan your days and weeks ahead. This will enable you to have even more time to produce better content -- more thoughtful content can lead to more followers and help increase your earning potentials and sales. It literally takes a FEW HOURS to plan an entire week. Here are a few tips to become a better planner. • Make a list of priorities every Sunday or Monday and cross them out as you complete each task. • Create a content calendar with important dates. • Utlize @planoly as your VISUAL content calendar. • Break up content into details: add behind the scene shots and everyday snaps to make your instagram more interesting. • Shoot "fillers" in advance so you can always pull from your library when you're low on content. "Fillers" can be lay flats, favorite things, what you're currently using or reading, etc. All you need is 30 minutes during the day when lighting is nice. • Collect your favorite quotes to regram; or collect quotes on your Evernote or Google Drive so you can create the artwork all at once to store away for future use. Store final artwork in your DropBox or Google Drive so you can easily upload to @planoly via web or mobile.

    If you're a blogger:

    plan sneak peeks of your new blog post. We all know that style bloggers usually shoot their outfits ahead of time. Use those images and break them into detail shots to plan little "teasers" on your Instagram.

    If you're a brand:

    plan sneak peeks of new products hitting stores or your online shop; collect images of influencers or customers wearing your products to regram. Train yourself (and your team) to think days and weeks in advance. What should you focus on this week? Which products do you have in stock to push? What are your best sellers? Gather and brainstorm ideas and details so you can sit and create content around that information. • Dedicate one day to plan out the week. Even if you plan out 2 full days, it feels so good not to worry about what you're going to post! • You can also dedicate 1-2 hours a day to plan for the weeks ahead. Stay tuned as we dive in deeper on planning with @planoly as a brand, blogger, business and social media manager... coming soon to the blog.
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