Kora Organics Dishes On Instagram and Pinterest Content Planning

    December 18 2020

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    When it comes to Instagram and Pinterest, what is most important to Kora Organics? 

    Pinterest is so visual and people really love it. I think it’s a channel that is underutilized by a lot of social media professionals. When executed correctly, Pinterest can be really powerful. Pinterest is particularly valuable for sharing influencer content. Our Pinterest audience responds well to it because it adds another layer of credibility to our products.

    How has PLANOLY been an asset to Kora Organics? 

    PLANOLY has been a huge support for keeping our grid both beautiful and timely. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine my work without it!

    What is the biggest learning from PLANOLY? How has that impacted Kora Organic’s Instagram? 

    To be flexible and not to be married to what’s scheduled on PLANOLY. For example, if an influencer posts something strong about one of our products, it behooves us to post that product to the grid, which can sometimes throw a wrench in what I have planned for the week. Instagram is a sales-driven platform, so I always have to remind myself to post what’s the most powerful over what’s the most pretty.

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    Your Instagram really pops thanks to the colors, products, and more editorial shots with Miranda. How do you strategize your feed and stories and decide where to place what? 

    We have a focus for the month and like to plan content around that. We also like to braid in influencer material and content of Miranda. We have our “Real Girl” visuals that we share of real women that are loving the products. Then there’s the influencer content that we love to share from our supporters. We also like to celebrate international holidays since we are a global brand. These are all of our brand staples and I like to ensure they’re all touched on.

    Kora Organics feed is very educational, yet beautifully designed. How do you balance the two? 

    I look to photography to inspire our captions. If there’s an image that’s ingredient heavy, I use that as an opportunity to educate our audience on our Certified Organic formula, and so on with our other brand staples. Photography is obviously a huge part of growing a successful and beautiful social channel, so I’m very grateful to work with ours since our photos are pretty incredible.

    Kora Organics takes natural ingredients very seriously. How do you implement that information onto your Instagram, while creating engaging content? 

    It happens organically. No pun intended. The fact that our products are Certified Organic is a huge part of the brand and is something that is naturally communicated throughout all our channels and platforms. We’re all really passionate about it and it shines through our marketing efforts.

    What are the biggest challenges for Kora Organic’s Instagram? 

    We absolutely love being an international brand. However, it can be challenging not to mention climates and dates and national holidays. We need to ensure our content appeals to all of the countries we are in worldwide.


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