Knowing When to Integrate Influencers

    August 17 2018

    At PLANOLY we're working diligently to expand our toolkit of influencer-centric articles, and so far we've addressed the "why" and "how" of influencer marketing. While we've noted that working with influencers is not a uniform approach, we're following up on our past articles with today's piece which dives deeper into the "when" regarding whether or not to implement influencer marketing in your overarching plan.

    Industry Expectations

    From fashion to food, many industries are becoming more digitally savvy, and as a result, they are in a constant state of flux due to the rapid pace and introduction of new online trends. Introducing influencer marketing only adds to the increased demand for fast, compelling content — but it's important to consider what's happening in your respective industry. Does it make sense for this community? Do you want to set new standards and disrupt current marketing trends? Thinking about where your brand is in the greater landscape of your industry will be helpful when considering the right point to integrate influencers.

    Brand Lifespan

    The timing of your brand's lifespan is also essential to think about. How long have you been in business? How big is your team? These are just a few questions to consider when it comes to the objectives of your influencer marketing strategy, along with if you and your team have the manpower to execute a campaign fully. Many brands are staffing up on teams that are solely dedicated to influencer marketing, so appropriate timing coupled with internal resources will also be key elements that determine when it's best to move in this direction.


    With the above points in mind, it's also worth thinking about the frequency in which you work with influencers. Do you see it as a by-project basis or as an ongoing commitment? If this is something your audience becomes used to seeing, keep in mind the long-term budgeting and allocation of resources that will go to maintaining this consistency (which will also impact brand recognition) which is incredibly important in a crowded space.

    Relaunch or Reposition

    Finally, take a look at your overall marketing strategy. If you're looking to do a complete overhaul or repositioning of the brand, this may serve as an ideal time to integrate influencers to amplify these updates further. At the other end of the spectrum, if you're happy with where your strategy is currently at, then thinking about influencers presents an opportunity to continue to push the boundaries of your plan and open you up to new channels.


    Remember that when working with outside partners like influencers, timing is everything. While it's easy to assume that jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon is a quick fix, it's also ok to assess the long-term benefits of this form of marketing and how it will serve your brand (if at all). Feel free to reach out to our team if you're in need of more inspiration or would like to see more specific topics or examples around influencer marketing here on the blog!


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