Social Studies: J.Hannah Talks Collaboration with Love Watts

    December 11 2020

    Social Studies: J.Hannah Talks Collaboration with Love Watts

    December 11 2020  |  Inspiration , Interviews , Marketing

    When it works, it really works. Here we ask our favorite beauty brands about an innovative campaign, giveaway, or product launch that has caught fire and exceeded their expectations.


    Jess Hannah Révész, founder of Los Angeles-based jewelry and nail polish line, J. Hannah, has always been known for her timeless designs juxtaposed with minimalistic elegance. Think ethically sourced stones and 100% recycled silver and gold. 

    Much like the uniqueness of her jewelry, her nail shades are unlike any on the market. Each muted tone is inspired by those “averse” to color. For example, Ghost Ranch is a soft, brick red inspired by the Southwest, while Eames, a rich olive, is a nod to a Lounge Chair designed by Chris Lehrecke for Ralph Pucci.

    Naturally, the colors lent to Révész’s latest collaboration with Love Watts, a Black-owned artist platform with a digital curation by founder Jordan Watson. For the launch of J.Hannah’s mini polishes, Révész enlisted Love Watts to curate an edit of images inspired by the J. Hannah palette. Each shade, five total, has a separate post on the J.Hannah Instagram grid with three images inspired by the various hues. 

    For example, Dune, a sand-like shade, included three visuals, a meditative video by Yuki Kawae’s zen rock garden, a photograph by Margarethe Mather from 1931 of beautiful minimal crafted combs, and artist Loris Cecchini’s Sandscape Series with extruding ripples.

    Here, Révész shares how this unique campaign faired, her design point of view, and why J. Hannah likes being hard to define 



    Love Watts has always felt kindred in terms of their content and curation. We knew they would be able to do something fantastic with color as a prompt. It’s such a great opportunity to bring interdisciplinary points of view and a natural/seamless folding in other visual voices. This is something we’re excited to do as a part of our regular programming. Refreshing for everyone.


    This was our first collaboration with a curator in this way. J. Hannah is digitally native and focuses on offering supportive content to our product range. This is so that our following can participate in JH without needing to purchase our products. This aspect of our online presence is important to us. We want to discuss color beyond what is in the bottle and on the nails.



    That there are no rules! You don’t have to be a “jewelry brand” or a “beauty brand” or just one thing that plays by the norms of the category you slot into. We like being hard to define and are inspired by fellow collaborators, who also escape easy explanations. 


    There are places that I go to revel in the aesthetics –Craigslist, flea markets, bookstores, museums. This is how I’ve always answered this question, but sometimes those types of answers feel narrow. Inspiration is not something you find when you’re looking for it. It’s not something that you find in a specific place. I am trying to be aware enough day-to-day so that inspiration isn’t lost on me when it arrives. 



    One comment we saw repeated was how much people enjoyed these images and videos in series. I think as pieces in a series; each slide informed a mutual context. It complicates and multiplies perspective, and enhances the flavor of each individual image.

    This collaboration between J.Hannah and Love Watts is another great example of truly knowing your brand and audience to create something that pays off.  Thanks for tuning in for the latest edition of our Social Studies series. Check out our last feature with Saie Beauty here. 

    Instagram: J. Hannah

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