Introducing StoriesEdit: A Stories Design App

    March 10 2019

    Since Instagram Stories first released in 2016, it has grown immensely among brands and users alike. There are now about 500 million daily Instagram Stories users, which is half of Instagram's 1 billion total user count! These massive numbers show that now is the time to get active and start creating engaging content on Instagram Stories if you aren't already. This is why we're excited to release our latest product, StoriesEdit! Our new beautifully designed product is a design platform with mobile apps (web coming soon!) that allows you to easily create and customize your Instagram Stories content from our selection of designer templates. Continue reading below to learn more about our incredible new Instagram Stories design app and how to use it.

    StoriesEdit is easily accessible via:

    1. iOS Mobile App
    2. ANDROID Mobile App

    Whether you're a blogger, small business owner, influencer, or social media manager, PLANOLY's new content creation tool StoriesEdit is going to help you create top-notch content for your Instagram Stories. Choose from our designer templates to customize your Instagram Stories. Adding more design-focused, creative, and visually appealing Instagram Stories will catch your followers' eye and keep them looking forward to more of what you have to share! Here are a few examples of Instagram Stories you can create with StoriesEdit:

    • Promoting a new blog post
    • Sharing an #OOTD
    • Sharing your favorite quote
    • Unveiling a new product
    • Sharing a recipe
    • Linking out to specific posts/websites
    • And many more possibilities!
    • PLANOLY TIP: We'll have weekly best practices, tips, and tricks posted up on our blog and social media platforms! Make sure to tune into @planoly on Instagram to stay up to date on all the newest trends and ideas for crafting the perfect Instagram Stories!

    Ready to get started on StoriesEdit? Here are the easy steps to follow:

    1.) Choose a Template. When you open the StoriesEdit app, you'll be prompted to choose from our original designer Stories templates. Scroll down to view more, then tap on the template you want to use.

    2.) Start Customizing! Once you've chosen your desired template, tap on the (+) ADD ICON to add your desired image (please note: you can only add images at the moment, but videos will be available in a future update, so hang tight!) You also have three editing tools to use — Text, Shapes, and Background Color.Text Tool: Tap on any designed TEXT areas to edit the text, AND/OR add additional text. When you tap on the Text (T) ICON, you'll have all the editing features to choose and use. Select and use specific fonts, font styles, alignment, letter-spacing, line-height, and color. PLANOLY TIP: Any font or text you see is editable, and you can always add more text as well! Shape Tool: This feature is fun! You can use this tool to add CTA's and "SEE MORE" footers at the bottom of your stories or add design elements such as borders. Scroll through the shapes options in "solid" or "outline" styles, then select your color. Expand or minimize the shapes with your fingers to adjust the size of your shapes. Background Color: Customize your background color to fit your brand aesthetics or current mood. Just tap on the Background Color ICON, then you'll have two ways to select your color.

    • We give you specific swatches to choose and use.
    • Tap on the DROPPER ICON (far left swatch), then choose your color by running your finger on the color board. Remember to SAVE.

    3) Save your Story! When you're ready to save your story, tap on the DOWNLOAD ICON (top right corner of your template), and choose from the following:

    • Save to Phone.
    • Share to PLANOLY (to plan your Stories).
    • Share to Instagram

    *Important Note: Sharing to PLANOLY and Instagram will not ensure that you're saving your customized template and could disappear. We recommend that you save your designed Stories to your camera roll first. We hope you'll enjoy using this versatile and creative new tool. Look out for updates as we'll continue to add new feature updates and unique templates within StoriesEdit regularly! For more best practices and tips, read these posts we've written just for you:

    • Get to know our Core Packhere.
    • Discover the importance of Instagram Stories here.
    • Get to know our Brush Packhere.
    • Learn how to use StoriesEdit as a Brand with Products here.
    • Learn how to use StoriesEdit as a Beauty Content Creator or Brand with Products here.

    Happy Content Creating and Planning! Have any questions? Drop us a line here:


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