International Women's Day 2018

    March 08 2018

    Since PLANOLY is a woman-founded company, we're huge advocates of supporting other women and their professional endeavors. So, in honor of International Women's Day, today we're paying homage to a few women-led businesses that are changing and shaping their respective industries (for the better) and building digital communities across the globe. Discover the round-up below, and also find out why we believe the below brands and organizations are leading examples when it comes to blending content, community, and commerce efficiently.


    With a nod to International Women's Day and its political connotations, we'll kick things off by highlighting a couple of organizations who are building safe spaces for women everywhere. Enter the Women's March (@womensmarch) organization and The Wing (@the.wing). Since the Women's March's inception in late 2016, the community has grown to include nation-wide organizers, activists, and groups that are committed to solving some of the most pressing issues of our time. The founding team has done an incredible job of fostering communities both online and off - just look at their engaged (and growing) Instagram audience of nearly 900k followers. Their page serves as a place for the global following to come together, learn, discuss, and remain in the know due to informative, inspiring, and bold posts. In this turbulent social climate, we're looking to the Women's March community as change-makers both online and off. Similarly, The Wing, the women's only co-working and social club has led the charge in the conversation around womanhood, modernity, and feminism. Despite being New York-based, the company's presence spans far beyond the city due to its relevant (millennial pink) branding, sharp tone of voice, and commitment to diversity - it also helps that the spaces themselves cater to the inner aesthete in all of us! Not to mention The Wing's business achievements (for instance, their $32 million Series B investment from WeWork), demonstrate that amazing things can happen when women are committed to their vision. If you don't believe us, follow their Instagram page which further reinforces their brand, community, and perspective.


    With the above in mind, this next section highlights a couple of examples of businesses that are changing the way women work. Enter WorkParty (@workparty), a new project (and book!) spearheaded by Jaclyn Johnson, Create & Cultivate's Founder and CEO. Even though the book has yet to be released and the company just launched their Instagram page, WorkParty's online presence is already growing quickly. The company's core values are an extension of Create & Cultivate's career and business-oriented roots, and with a book, podcast, and events tour in the works, we don't doubt that this new entity will be a leading resource for career-minded millennial women everywhere. Speaking of resources, we also applaud the team behind Bumble (@bumble, @bumblebizz, @bumblebff). Founder and CEO Whitney Wolf's unwavering commitment to empowering women is evidenced in the company's global business whose verticals include dating, friendship, and most recently, business. The launch of BumbleBizz has acted as a catalyst for women to connect both online and off. Aside from the app, the brand's Instagram page includes testimonials from official launch partners (which is comprised of the most innovative women entrepreneurs in the world), whereas The Hive, which is their series of pop-up spaces throughout the country, provides a physical setting for the community to meet IRL. We have a feeling their buzz is only just beginning.


    We'll close this article by sharing two examples of women-led brands who are reinforcing the important role wellness and self-care play in the modern woman's life. First up, LOLA, the feminine care company who is leading conversations that might otherwise be considered uncomfortable. Aside from their aesthetically-pleasing (and signature blue) branding, the start-up uses its Instagram presence as a platform for engaging with women everywhere. Look at their recent Galentine's Day campaign #TamponsAreNotALuxury which used social media as a vehicle to educate and empower their customers to share an important message (in which LOLA provided period products to underserved women for a certain amount of social shares). This is only one instance of LOLA's commitment to giving back, which makes them a conscious leader in our books. At the other end of the spectrum, Sad Girls Club (@sadgirlsclub) has done an incredible job of fostering conversations around mental health and awareness for young women. The emerging media platform founded by activist and influencer Elyse Fox ( has already sparked a global discussion in thanks to its growing Instagram presence and recurring event series. With its thoughtful and honest approach to content and community, Sad Girls Club is one to watch as it has already provided a place for women (and been nominated for a coveted Shorty Award) despite its infancy.


    This article just scratches the surface when it comes to showcasing women-centric brands that are genuinely making a difference. If you're in need of more inspiration, be sure to utilize our Discover tool to search for accounts and hashtags in this space!

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