Instagram's Testing a New 'Stop-Motion' Tool for Stories

    July 16 2019

    We heard through the grapevine that Instagram is currently working on developing a 'Stop-Motion' camera option for Stories! While this feature is a work in progress, and not available to Instagram users yet...we wanted to give you the inside scoop on what you can potentially look forward to with this new tool. The 'Stop-Motion' tool would essentially make creating video content easier than ever, as it would allow you to create intriguing videos without fancy equipment or extensive videography skills. Read on to learn more about this potential new Instagram feature.

    What Is Stop-Motion?

    If you're not familiar with stop-motion, it's a cinematographic technique where the camera is frequently stopped and started, which gives animated figures the impression of movement. We included a few examples of brands who have used stop-motion on their Instagram grids: here is an example from Starbucks, and here is an example by Sephora. As you can see, it's a fun way to create engaging content for your audience in a creative and relatively easy way!

    "The 'Stop-Motion' tool would make creating video content easier than ever."
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    How Will It Work?

    While this feature hasn't been formally confirmed or announced by Instagram, we can give you an overview of how it will likely work. You'll apply the 'Stop-Motion' setting on your Instagram Stories menu, and take images of your object while moving it in different positions to create the impression of movement. So far, we know that Instagram will allow up to ten frames, which is perfect for short-form Instagram Stories! We suggest using a tripod while recording your stop-motion video to ensure that your frame overlay stays consistent in each shot.


    We'll let you know as soon as this tool is officially released on Instagram, but in the meantime, it's something you can look forward to! We're unsure if this unreleased feature will be available to Instagram posts on the grid as well, so stay tuned for more information. Stop-motion allows new opportunities to get creative and fresh with the content you create, so experiment with it and see how it performs on your grid and Stories! Here are some apps to use if you want to try creating stop-motion content before Instagram's feature comes out: Stop Motion Studio, Lapse It, and Stop Motion Builder by MEGA Brands.


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