Instagram's New Update Brings Dark Mode to iOS 13

    October 08 2019

    Instagram's new update allows you to use the app in dark mode! If you don't know already, dark mode is said to be easier on your eyes, which is why we're seeing so many companies updating their apps for users to make the switch. Here are a few upsides to switching over to the darkside:

    • It saves energy.
    • Dark Mode reduces eye strain in low light conditions.
    • It minimizes blue light.

    Are you interested in making the switch to dark mode? If you have an iPhone, it's super easy. Read on below to discover how you can change your phone to dark mode!

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    How to Switch Your Instagram to Dark Mode

    1. All you need to do is access your iPhone Settings.
    2. Click on Display & Brightness.
    3. Under Appearance, click Dark.

    *Note: If your Instagram isn't showing up in Dark mode after you switch, head over to the app store on your phone to make sure it's updated.You can even ask Siri to enable dark mode for you by simply saying, "Hey Siri, turn on dark mode." Pretty easy, right?! For now, dark mode for Instagram is exclusively available for iOS 13 users. Unfortunately, Instagram won't let you turn dark mode on or off within the app itself; it has to match your iPhone's settings overall. Make sure that your phone is updated - click here to update to iOS 13 in the app store. Welcome to the dark side!


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