Instagram's New 'Suggestions for You' Feature

    July 03 2019

    NEW FEATURE ALERT! Instagram just gave a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sliding into your DM's.' They recently rolled out a new feature that will allow you to sift through their 'suggestions for you' grouping within your DMs! Instagram wants to make it that much easier for you to find other brands and people to follow that resonate with your likes and interests. Their main goal is for you to be viewing additional content that caters towards what you love to see on the app. (i.e., cooking, decor, fashion, travel, lifestyle, etc... )

    "Instagram just gave a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sliding into your DM's.'"
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    How Are They Doing This?

    Through posts that are specifically sent to your DMs. For example: Whenever a friend sends you a Direct Message (and you click on the image), Instagram will now create a panel below those images with images of other accounts that they think you might like to see more of with a 'see more posts like this' option. Or it will show you a 'suggestions for you view' - which looks similar to when you follow a new account, and Instagram then suggests new accounts for you to follow below. So, in other words - this feature will now work as another type of Discover Tool. It will help to spotlight and showcase new brands or other people for you to follow that you might love following too. (It's a great way to allow you to connect and explore other accounts out there that you might not already know about!) To learn more about this new feature, you can read extra information here:
    Instagram tests out new 'Suggestions for You' in DMs

    Have fun exploring and testing out this new feature! And, for more IG news make sure to follow our hashtag: #PlanolyxIGNews


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