Instagram's New Camera Design and Create Mode

    May 16 2019

    Instagram has set out to make Instagram Stories even more dynamic and creative. You may have noticed that the Camera Design and Face Filter menu have a fresh new look! There are also several new face filters to choose from (including the Rainbow Mask designed by Austin's very own @mattcrump). We're going to unpack everything you need to know about the new Camera Design as well as the Create Mode.

    Instagram's New Camera Design

    We love that Instagram is always rolling out new ways for us to flex our creativity. The new Camera update is designed to make adding effects and interactive sticker content even easier. The new view also has an arched filter menu and includes the options for what type of Instagram Story you want to post (i.e., Normal, Boomerang, Hands-Free, etc.). This makes it simple to switch back and forth from the different Instagram Story posting options without losing your filter.

    "Instagram's Camera Design & Face Filter menu both have a fresh new look!"
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    What is 'Create Mode'?

    Create Mode essentially gives users an easy way to share Instagram Stories without a photo or video. It's similar to 'Type' mode, except you can add filters, effects, and stickers. It's convenient because it doesn't require you to start with a photo or a video before posting content to your Stories. Create Mode isn't available to everyone yet, so keep checking your Instagram account to see if you have access to the new feature! We can't wait to see how Instagram users utilize these new features to make their Stories even more engaging and unique. How will you use the new camera design and filter options for your Stories? We love combining @storiesedit templates with Instagram filters to make content that stands out and draws our viewers in. Stay tuned for even more Instagram news on the PLANOLY blog!


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