Instagram Stories Template: Slate Pack by StoriesEdit

    April 08 2019

    We did it again - if you haven't checked out our app StoriesEdit recently, you totally should because we just dropped a brand new template set. We've previously discussed how much of an asset template sets can be to anyone creating content on a consistent basis, utilizing template sets ensures that you save time and that your Instagram Stories look cohesive. Today we're showcasing our brand new Slate template set, covering details about the set, as well as discussing who it's for.

    About the Set

    The Slate Set is made of cool grey tones and consists of brush stroke details that truly make the designs stand out. While the color of the brush strokes cannot be changed since they're not a shape or background - you can change the background color of all of the templates and the border color of templates 3, 7, and 9 can be utilized to fit your brand's aesthetic. It's important also to mention that there are some delicately lined details like outlined boxes, and lines which are all black and not able to be edited.

    "The Slate Set is made of cool grey tones & consists of brush stroke details that truly make the designs stand out."
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    Who's it for?

    This template set was created for anyone who finds themselves frequently sharing recent blog posts, quotes of the days, or anyone who's looking for new ways to showcase their photographs on their Instagram Stories. While we did have influencers in mind when designing this template set, it can work for just about anyone.

    Best Practices

    Mood boards are everything! Whether you're an influencer planning the design of your website or a photographer working on their next big styled shoot, creating a mood board before any kind of project sets the tone and direction for you and your team. Sharing a piece of your mood board on Instagram Stories is also a great way to share a little sneak peek of your project or to ask for your audience's opinion on the look and feel of it. Template four from our Slate set on StoriesEdit is the perfect template to showcase your mood board on Instagram Stories. Open that template in StoriesEdit, and tap on each gray box to add the images you'd like for your mood board. You can also adjust the current text box to say "Mood Board" and change the background color of your template to match your project's colors. Once it's complete, you can share to your Stories and announce a new project coming soon, or ask for your audience's input on your board. Mood boards are a huge part of any story. It shows the very beginning where ideas, colors, shapes, and textures come together to create a visual and emotional direction. Your audience will absolutely love being able to see what you're working on and how your mood board led to your grand masterpiece.

    "Mood boards are a huge part of any story."
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