Instagram Stories Template: Core Pack by StoriesEdit

    March 10 2019

    We've previously discussed the reasons why Stories are such an essential and core part of marketing, especially if you're a business, company or influencer. But today we wanted to highlight one of our template sets from our new app StoriesEdit.

    About the Set

    Our template 'Core Pack' is made up of 9 easy-to-edit Instagram Stories templates that are the perfect tool to create cohesive yet creative graphics to share on your Stories. While the color palette of the set can be easily customized to fit your own design aesthetics, the original color palette is a perfect starting point if you're still searching for your brand's perfect colors. If you take a closer look at the templates included in this set, you'll notice that it combines simple shapes, warm colors, and subtle design details to create a clean and visually appealing look. These small but impactful features are sure to make your images stand out even more.

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    Who's It for?

    The 'Core Pack' was created with an influencer's or bloggers point of view in mind. The templates included within this set are a perfect collection of graphics any influencer or blogger might need for their Instagram Stories content. If you're an influencer or blogger who shares the occasional #ootd or you find yourself sharing your newest blog post on your Instagram Stories, this set is for you.

    Best Practices

    As many of you know, templates are an easy way to visually spruce up your content. While each template of our 'Core Pack' is great on its own, if you're sharing multiple pages to your Instagram Stories that are intended to be posted at the same time (as a continuous story), then we suggest picking one template from the 'Core Pack' to utilize as your cover. The cover is the graphic that will have some kind of title or intro for the rest of your pages. Next, you'll want to select a second template from the 'Core Pack' to utilize for the rest of your pages. This will help your pages to visually look like one story versus having different graphics for each one.

    "Templates are an easy way to visually spruce up your content." Tweet this.

    You can customize any of the templates in this set all within the StoriesEdit app, so you're able to really make them YOURS. We can't wait to see how you utilize the templates from the 'Core Pack' to tell your story, and if you haven't already, be sure to download StoriesEdit to your phone (Android or iOS)!


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