Instagram Stories Template: Brush Pack by StoriesEdit

    March 10 2019

    Our latest product, StoriesEdit, is the perfect app for anyone who's looking to step up their Instagram Stories game visually. Today we wanted to highlight one of our template sets from our new Instagram Stories content creation platform and mobile app (iOS and Android) and share who it's for, as well and provide you with some best practice tips to get you started.

    About the Set

    The 'Brush Pack' is made up of 9 easy-to-edit Instagram Stories templates that are great designs for anyone to start with. This set features a beautifully muted color palette paired with delicate leaf illustrations, brush lettering, and unique brush strokes. Although the color palette of this set (and any other template set in StoriesEdit) can be customized, it's original color palette would work great with nearly any photograph.

    "The 'Brush Pack' is made up of 9 easy-to-edit Instagram Stories templates that are great designs for anyone to start with."
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    Who's It for?

    This set was created with a small business, influencer, or blogger in mind. Basically, if you're into fashion, style, or selling some kind of clothing or accessories - the 'Brush Pack' was created just for you. The templates included within this pack are a perfect collection of graphics for anyone who likes to share their occasional look of the day or inspirational quote. It's an ideal template for sharing content on Instagram Stories in a beautiful and thoughtful way.

    Best Practices

    If you're a small business, you can make the most of this template set by utilizing it to showcase new arrivals at your shop or to make important announcements. While it might seem like this set is geared towards influencers (with the 'look of the day' lettering on a template or two) it is actually perfectly suited for a small business whose focus is on selling clothing or accessories. Use the templates with the 'look of the day' lettering to show off a photo from your lookbook, or one of your employees wearing a few of the pieces you have in stock. Don't be afraid to get creative by adding your own text to templates as well! For example, maybe you have a sale you'd like to announce? Simply select a template - add a photo of what's on sale (for example: shoes, coats, etc.) and add some info for your followers. Remember to add some kind of CTA ("call to action") in the graphic so your followers know to tap on the image to 'SEE MORE' and shop your products. Because all of our templates are made to be customized, the possibilities are truly endless. We can't wait to see how you utilize the templates from the 'Brush Pack' to tell your story, and if you haven't already, be sure to download StoriesEdit to your phone (iOS and Android).


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