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    November 22 2019

    Visual consistency is key to maintaining your brand identity; not just for Instagram, but for all social channels that incorporate your brand's aesthetic. While Instagram is one of the most powerful social channels to grow your brand's presence, it's important to diversify your channels. In our last webinar, our marketing team covered ways to cohesively fine-tune your visual strategy and tailor your social marketing strategy for Pinterest and Instagram. Here are some of the key highlights and takeaways from the webinar below (you can also watch the full webinar below).

    Tips for Creating a Cohesive for Pinterest and Instagram Strategy

    The content you put on your social channels should be cohesive, but it doesn't mean it has to be identical. Your audience is tuning into different things with each of your social platforms. Each platform has ways in which content is best served, so make sure you're creating and preparing your content for each individual platform.Here are a few tips for each platform.

    Consider the following to ensure your visuals are consistent and cohesive across all platforms:

    • Symmetry
    • Authentic
    • Engaging
    • Creative
    • Inspiring
    • Aligns with brand guidelines

    Strategizing for Pinterest

    • Ensure you're using the right keywords and copy in your Pin titles and descriptions
    • Setting your images correctly (mainly vertical images) in 1000x1500px
    • Ensure you're linking your Pins correctly
    • Have CTA on your blog to have your audience Pin a post
    • Understanding your insights and analytics and looking at your Impressions, Saves, and Clicks
    • Planning for future content (fun fact: we've made Pinterest planning seamless with our Pin Planner! Learn more here.)
    • Claim your profile with Instagram and YouTube

    Strategizing on Instagram

    • Ensure you're making your caption engaging by using the right hashtags
    • Ensure your images are on-brand, organic and authentic
    • Have a call to action, proper tagging, locations, and use tools within Stories like link-in-bio and the swipe up feature
    • Engage with your audience before and after you post
    • Create Stories that practice true storytelling and are engaging with IG Stories' interactive stickers
    • Plan your content ahead of time via PLANOLY to ensure that it's all on-brand and cohesive to your grid
    • Understand your analytics and let them guide your future content strategy based on successes and missed-marks


    A Timeline for Success

    Now that you know how to create a cohesive strategy on both platforms, it's time to put that into work with this step by step timeline inspired by our friends at General Assembly with their Objective First Framework. With this timeline, you can create synergy through social that allows Pinterest and Instagram to work together and will ultimately help your brand grow.

    Cross Promoting on Channels

    Not only should you create original content for Pinterest and Instagram, but you can make it work long-term when you cross-promote with an intention for each platform.This means creating content that can span across all of your social platforms. Here are a few ways that you can maximize your content for both Instagram and Pinterest, along with your platform-specific content.

    Instagram to Pinterest

    • Repurpose your best-performing images for Pinterest and maximize with top-performing keywords
    • Make your IG posts evergreen and repost during peak seasons
    • Repurpose your instructional content and make them into visual tutorials and infographics on Pinterest

    Pinterest to Instagram

    • Create a Stories inspiration roundup for Pinterest (or what you're Saving) and include it within your highlights on IG that links back to your Pinterest
    • Share your favorite people and boards to follow on Pinterest
    • Share your boards for your audience to get inspiration from you

    More Ways to Continue Elevating Your Content

    The best way for you to continue elevating your content for both platforms is if you're getting super cozy with your stats and analytics. Know the numbers, both good and bad, like the back of your hand, and you will be able to further tailor your content for what performs best on Instagram and what performs best on Pinterest.

    While you can draw inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram for future content & collaborations, sometimes the content that performs well on Instagram may not perform well on Pinterest. Pay attention to not only what content performs well, but also, who your exact audience is on each platform, so you know how to create content that resonates with them.

    Key Things to Pay Attention to on Instagram

    • Location
    • Age range
    • Gender
    • Content performance and content interactions/engagement (both for Stories and feed)
    • Saves and shares

    Key Things to Pay Attention to on Pinterest

    • Top Pins
    • Engagements
    • Link clicks
    • Saves
    • Closeups

    To go more into detail, make sure to watch the full webinar with Priscilla and Adriana below. They go over all of the above and answer a few audience questions too! Also, be sure to use our new Analyze Web Dashboard for all your Instagram analytics needs!

    Watch the Full Recap Video Here!

    The PLANOLY app and web platform simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.


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