Instagram News: Bully Comments, 'Away Mode', and More

    July 25 2019

    Just when you think that's all there is, Instagram releases a new feature that's even better than the last! There are so many helpful and powerful features that Instagram has been releasing to make the Instagram world a better place. From filtering offensive comments and shadow banning bullies to potentially hiding like counts...there's a lot to keep track of when it comes to Instagram news. Don't worry though, we've got you covered! Read on to learn all about the newest features.

    Bully Comments

    Instagram is tackling online bullying head-on by taking proactive measures with these new tools. The first one is a new feature they're testing that lets users restrict certain accounts from publicly commenting on their posts. If a user has a few followers who continuously write obscene or inappropriate comments, they can essentially 'shadowban' them from their account. This would put a huge dent in the problem of Instagram trolls, and create a kinder environment on the app -- so we're all about it! Additionally, Instagram has already rolled out a new feature which uses artificial intelligence to recognize when someone is posting a rude comment. It will then ask the commenter 'Are you sure you want to post this?', in which the user can choose to rethink their offensive comment and undo the action.

    "Instagram is tackling online bullying head-on by taking proactive measures with these new tools."
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    PLANOLY-Blog-Post-Instagram-News-Bully-Comments-Set-Your-Profile-to-%E2%80%98Away%E2%80%99-Etc-Image-1 Another vital thing to note is that Instagram turned the offensive comment filter on by default (it had to be enabled before); users still have the choice to turn it off within settings. This feature has continually gotten smarter and more thorough at detecting offensive comments. Notes: Users also can block custom words and phrases within Instagram's app settings. The final update regarding safety on Instagram has to do with their already existing account disable policy. With the current policy, they disable accounts with a certain amount of violating content. The new policy will remove accounts with a certain amount of violations within a length of time, whereas before they only removed accounts with a certain percentage of violating content.

    Set Profile to 'Away'

    The 'Away Mode' feature isn't released yet but is the perfect feature to use when you need to take a digital detox. It will basically let you push 'pause' on your account without actually deleting it and losing all of your content. When you set your profile to 'Away,' all of your Instagram activity and notifications will be temporarily deactivated until you disable 'Away Mode". We'll dive more into this feature when it's officially released.

    "The 'Away Mode' feature is perfect to use when you need to take a digital detox."
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    Hiding Likes

    Instagram is testing out a potential update wherein the app will hide the number of likes that a post receives. In the trial, it will show an Instagram username, along with "and others" below the post on your timeline. You will still be able to see their own number of likes, but it won't show up for your audience. The purpose of this trial is to reduce the pressure and competition of how many likes received, so users can focus on sharing things they love! This new test is being rolled out in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, and Italy. Since many studies have connected mental health issues with social media platforms, we're hoping this new test will help to resolve the negative side of digital. We hope you gained a lot of insight about Instagram's new features and updates they're currently testing and releasing. Stay tuned in to the blog to learn more and get the inside scoop on the latest happenings in the app!


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