Instagram Marketing Tips and Updates for 2021

    February 05 2021

    Instagram Marketing Tips and Updates for 2021

    February 05 2021  |  Inspiration , Marketing , Social Media , Entrepreneurs

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    Looking to maximize your Instagram marketing in 2021? 

    Following the unpredictability and ebbs and flows of 2020, the changes in social media marketing over the last 12 months make forecasting for the future very difficult. What’s going to change? And why? When it changes, how do you adapt?

    Growing your followers, engagement, and generating more revenue on Instagram in 2021 is what every brand, marketer, and creator hopes for this year. Understanding how to navigate the platform in this bounce-back year is one sure-fire way to achieve those goals. 

    We’re going to explore several key Instagram marketing tips for 2021 that we believe will help you make the most of the New Year.

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    Instagram Marketing Tips #1: Post More Reels

    We know that we sound like a broken record, but we can’t stress how important Reels are this year. If you adopt one new habit on Instagram over the course of the year, it should be constantly ideating and posting Reels!

    At this moment in time, creating consistently great Reels can grow your Instagram faster than any other tool on the platform. Instagram has made it clear to some of its partners and influencers that its TikTok competitor Reels is its primary focus this year. In fact, they want creators to post upwards of 4-6 Reels per week. 

    Gaining favor with Instagram comes by using its many features. Want to make the Explore Page? One sure-fire way to do so is by using Reels as much as possible. Maybe 4-6 times per week is a bit much to start. So began by committing to one Reel a week and steadily work your way towards more Reels content. Trust us: it will pay off!

    Instagram Marketing Tips #2: Grow Your In-App Shopping Experience

    Ready for the impending eCommerce boom? At this point in time, especially if you interact with social media daily, you almost have to be!

    The in-app shopping experience is ripe for an explosion in 2021 after last year taught us just how convenient and effective it could be. More than 43% of global shoppers research products on social media before making a purchase. That number may increase in 2021.

    What’s even more important to note is that it’s expected eCommerce will account for 22% of all global sales by 2023. What that should mean for small business owners, creators, and influencers, is that now is the time to start shifting your business to eCommerce and training your consumers to shop in a new way. 

    Sellit – a digital storefront and link in bio eCommerce tool – makes it easy for upstart business owners to quickly open a store and begin selling products and services right on Instagram. 

    The Sellit and Linkit tools make the Instagram shopping experience for your consumer seamless and accessible from their phone. Keep in mind that mobile devices are expected to account for almost 73% of total eCommerce sales by the end of 2021.

    Instagram Marketing Tips #3: Make Influencer Marketing Work for You

    Influencer marketing is on its way to becoming a 15 billion dollar industry by 2022. This means if you’re an influencer, the price just went up! 

    Conversely, if you’re a business owner looking to partner with an influencer, now is the time to start strategizing and looking for those potential partners. More than 90% of companies that use influencer marketing have reported positive results on the effectiveness of these partnerships regarding both growth and sales.

    Influencer marketing conversion rates have never been higher. This means that businesses that work with influencers are selling more products and reaching more new customers. In fact, some reports suggest that the influencer market is the single best return on investment (ROI) marketing channel

    Much of this success comes from the micro and nano influencers that dominate the market in large numbers. Of the 500,000 influencers on Instagram, the majority are nano influencers. Collectively, nano influencers have the highest engagement rate of any influencer tier on the platform at 7%. And given that not every company can afford to partner with a mega influencer, nano influencers are not only great ROI but a cost-effective option.

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    Instagram Marketing Tips #4: Go Live

    Instagram Live really went to another level in 2020. It almost had to. We were all at home, bored, in need of entertainment, and Live was both the solution to our boredom and the answer to our entertainment needs.

    Instagram reported increased viewing for its Live feature over the course of 2020, including a 70% explosion from February to March of 2020 at the start of quarantine. Similar increases are expected to continue in 2021. 

    Using Live for Business and eCommerce will see an uptick this year after Club Quarantine, Verzuz, and others leveraged the channel for huge income. Instagram’s new and improved checkout feature will certainly make it easier for business owners and creators to streamline Live shopping and create interactive means for which users can learn about products and purchase them all in the same instant. So if it feels like the future of shopping is here, that’s because it is.

    Instagram Marketing Tips #5: Leverage Stickers (Countdown, Gift Cards, Collab)

    Alongside tools like Live, Reels, and IGTV, Instagram’s Stickers are growing in popularity and functionality.

    This year, simplify your marketing by taking advantage of new and existing Sticker options. Want to build anticipation for an event or a launch? Use the Countdown sticker. Maybe your business is still operating at a limited capacity and you need to give your customers new ways to support you? Use the Gift Cards sticker. 

    Using these Stickers is also an engagement generator. Polling stickers have proven to be extremely effective in activating followers. Instagram’s improved Collab sticker will allow users to create events and add up to 20 collaborators. 

    Instagram creates these tools for the users to be more creative and impactful on its platform. Using them only heightens your visibility and effectiveness on social media.

    Instagram Marketing Tips #6: Know the Best Times to Post

    As we have all become more Instagram savvy over the years, we’ve learned that one of the most important things about successfully navigating the platform is knowing when to post your content. 

    Best times to post on Instagram can change by user type and region/time zone. Understanding this helps make sure you optimize your grid posts, Stories, and Lives. It’s so essential to user engagement to post at the right time. 

    We broke down the post times to post on Instagram across the globe here. Find your country or city and make sure you’re posting at an optimal time then use our Quick Schedule mobile feature to schedule your posts out days, weeks, or even months in advance. 

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    Instagram Marketing Tips #7: Learn from Your Analytics

    Think back to your school days and tests. Tests weren’t fun. At all. But think about how much easier they would have been if your professor actually gave you the answers before the test?

    Your social media analytics are exactly that – it’s your cheat sheet to Instagram content planning. It’s your opportunity to identify what works, what doesn’t, what demographic you’re reaching, at what time you reach them, and ultimately how engaging your content is.

    Successful marketers know the power of information. Breaking it down, analyzing it, and finally implementing it. 

    PLANOLY’s analytics tool is a premium source of information on your content and those who engage with it. From the location, age, and gender insights to engagement, impressions, and overall comparisons for any given period, the analytics tool has everything you need to inform your Instagram marketing strategy is at your fingertips (literally).

    Instagram Marketing Tips #8: Understand the Instagram Algorithm

    The all-knowing and all-encompassing Instagram algorithm is second to none in its mystery. But while we certainly can’t sit here and say we know all of its finer points, there are a few ins and outs that we can share to help you understand it a little better. 

    Firstly, the algorithm is broken down into a handful of different points of emphasis – Interest, Timeliness, Relationship, Frequency, Following, and Usage. Each of these categories (we define them here) plays a central role in how Instagram prioritizes grid posts. 

    Is there interest in your content, was it posted in a timely manner, is it a priority to your Instagram relationships, is your following active and looking to engage in this content, are you posting with a good frequency, and finally, Instagram also prioritizes content based on your followings usage (how long and how much they are on Instagram).

    As mentioned above, the Instagram algorithm highly favors users that adopt all of its features. So if you’re using Reels, Guides, Live, and IGTV, you are more than likely to be featured on the Explore Page than others. 

    Consistent and quality content on Instagram Stories is also extremely important. Ever wonder why you see some of your followers' Stories over others? That’s because you engage with their content more and Instagram is prioritizes their content in your Stories feed due to that behavioral trend. That said, engaging your followers with great Stories content will inherently get you more views and/or shares.

    Above all, creating consistent and thoughtful content that your audience will love is the ultimate Instagram marketing hack. So is using the tools at your disposal to help channel your creativity and to inform Instagram that you are a top creator.

    Jumpstart your Instagram marketing strategy with the tips above and be sure to schedule all your content with PLANOLY!


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