Instagram Introduces Threads, Their Brand New Messaging App

    October 07 2019

    Recently, Instagram introduced a brand new messaging app called Threads, which was specifically designed to be utilized by you and your "close friends" list. This new app allows you to quickly share images and video messages with the people you have added to your "close friends" list.

    "Instagram introduced a brand new messaging app called Threads."
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    How to Use Threads

    The way the app works is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. Check out our detailed instructions to see how it works below:

    1. When you first open up the app, a camera is the default screen, which allows you to take photos and videos. Unlike other image and video messaging apps, Threads doesn't feature any filters for you to utilize in your pictures or videos. However, you can add text to an image or video, as well as draw with Instagram's drawing tools like you would in your Instagram Stories.
    2. Once you've snapped your photo (or shot your video), tap on the friend you would like to send your photo or video to, then swipe up to send it their way.
    3. The app also features an inbox, which looks quite similar to the structure and overall interface of Instagram's direct messages. The real difference with Threads' inbox is that you can only message your close friends. It also allows you to start a group chat, but again this is limited to your close friends' list.

    Another feature worth mentioning in Threads is the status screen, which seems like a throwback to AOL/AIM away status. To set your status, simply type what you would like it to say (or quickly select from the curated statuses Instagram has conveniently created for everyone to use), select an emoji, and select the duration you want your status to be visible for. And if you're feeling up to it, you can even try the app's automatic status.

    What are your thoughts on the new app? Have you given it a try?! We'd love to know your thoughts, so be sure to shoot us a message on Instagram! As always, be sure to keep checking back for consistent Instagram updates on the PLANOLY blog.


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