Instagram Introduces New Instagram Stories

    August 03 2016

    If you haven't heard yet, Instagram has unveiled a brand new feature that has everyone talking! We personally think it's brilliant, and although it is a similar concept to Snapchat, it's very user-friendly and flows well with Instagram's current layout. It's called "Instagram Stories", and we're already obsessed! Here are the details...

    Share Moments

    The posts and stories from people you follow are located at the top bar on your Instagram feed with this new feature. Each user's profile picture will have a colored ring around it when they've added new content to their story. The videos and photos you take will come together in a slideshow format creating your personalized story. You'll be able to view people's stories by simply clicking on their profile picture in your feed or on their individual profiles. We've already had a chance to play around with this new feature and it's pretty cool!
    Instagram introduces Instagram Stories feature 1

    Customize Your Story

    Similar to Snapchat, you can take a photo or video and add filters or draw on it. Filters are limited at the moment, but remember when Facebook bought Masquerade App (MSQRD) earlier this year? Wait for it friends because face and overlay filters are probably coming our way very soon (just like we've speculated all along, *ahem* bring on the make up filters)! It also gives you the option to add emoji's (insert heart eyes)! Each post will disappear after 24 hours so you don't have to worry about over posting or deleting the content. With this feature, you can also save content from your story to your phone, add it to your actual Instagram grid, or delete it. You'll be able to see who has viewed your post by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of your photo or video.

    "Remember when Facebook bought
    MSQRD earlier this year?
    Wait for it friends
    because face & overlay filters
    are probably coming our way very soon."

    Privacy Please

    Don't want the entire world seeing your story? You can select specific people to hide your story from, even if they're already following you. If your account is set to private, then only your followers can see what you post. Unlike our normal Instagram grid posts, there will be no public likes or comments, but Instagram allows you to comment by tapping on the image and sending a private message through Instagram Direct instead.
    Instagram introduces Instagram Stories feature 2

    Simplify Your Life

    We believe that less is more, and as much as we love Snapchat, we wouldn't mind having one less app in our lives. Instagram Stories fabulously integrates two features in a simple and seamless way. Instagram is already the leading platform when it comes to marketing so we wouldn't be surprised if brands and advertisers hop on board with this new feature in a big way. We're hooked and we're excited to start viewing your stories! (Psst! Make sure to follow along @planoly to see our first Instagram Story!)

    "Instagram Stories
    fabulously integrates two features
    in a simple and seamless way."
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