Instagram Highlight Templates by StoriesEdit 01

    April 10 2019

    Instagram Highlights are an integral part of your Instagram presence and ensuring that your highlights match your branding is key! We're excited to announce the first release of our Highlight Cover Set 01 - a customizable template pack to use for your Instagram Highlights! Read on to learn more about this set.

    About the Set

    Our Highlights Cover Set 01 is made up of hand-drawn illustrations, which would add a lovely touch to anyone's Instagram page. The set features a solid background color with various illustrated icons to set as your Highlight cover image. The hand-drawn look adds a unique touch to the normally digitally created images you see on most Highlight covers. While we made the background color a light blue, you can change the background color to anything you'd like to match your branding. *Note: You cannot change the color of the illustrations.

    "Our Highlights Cover Set 01 is made up of hand-drawn illustrations."
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    Instagram Highlight Templates by StoriesEdit 01

    Who's it for?

    This set was created with fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, or influencers in mind. However, it can work for a broad spectrum of users - depending on your niche or highlight needs. With highlight images such as a camera, passport, coffee cup, and home...the possibilities are vast!

    Best Practices

    We suggest first matching the background color to fit your grid colors and overall branding. Next, you can also change the font style and font color to label what the highlights represent. You also have the option to add shapes, but be careful not to make your highlight images too busy. This is only our first Highlight cover set - we'll be releasing more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! We love creating content that helps you with your content creation, digital strategies, and overall social media presence. Be sure and tag us on social media to let your friends and followers know where to find a variety of customizable template and highlight designs to use! Read on to learn step-by-step instructions for how to add new highlight cover images. Instagram Highlight Templates by StoriesEdit 01


    1. Open the StoriesEdit app, and select one of the highlight cover templates you want to use.
    2. Start designing! You can double tap on the template background to change the color (perfect for using your brand colors by inputting your hex code) and adjust the text to give your highlight cover a title.
    3. Once you're finished editing your cover, tap on the download icon and "SAVE TO PHONE."
    4. Open the Instagram mobile app and go to your main profile. For an existing highlight, tap and hold on one of your highlights, and tap on "EDIT HIGHLIGHT." You can also create an entirely new highlight by tapping on the "+" icon instead.
    5. At the top, tap on "EDIT COVER," and select the cover you just designed in StoriesEdit located in your camera roll.
    6. Adjust your highlight cover to how you would like for it to look like on your Instagram highlight reel, and tap "DONE." You're good to go!

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