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    To Hide or Not to Hide: Understanding Instagram’s New 'Like' Options

    May 26 2021

    After years of back and forth debate and extended research, Instagram and Facebook are moving forward with adding the option to hide ‘like’ counts across its platforms. The update contributes to a growing trend taking shape across social media with mindfulness, content quality, and accountability each becoming increasingly important to user experience. Users will now have a variety of like settings to toggle between, including the capability to hide all likes publicly, and on a post-by-post basis. As it goes with any new feature, it’s important to assess the ways in which the update will ultimately affect the way you or your brand leverage the platform. We’ve compiled a quick rundown on everything to know on hiding likes, and a few pros and cons to consider before making any tweaks under the hood. Check it out!


    What to Know

    There are multiple visibility options to toggle between for hiding likes:
    • Hide like counts on all posts in your feed and on your profile
    • Hide like counts on your profile from everyone else
    • Hide like counts on specific posts (tip: this feature can be turned on for published posts as well as new uploads)
    • Instagram functionality is live as of May 26, 2021, and Facebook will follow in the coming weeks
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    The update –while seemingly small– packs a progressive punch, encouraging more authenticity and less self-consciousness on the platform. With the flexibility of the feature, Instagram and Facebook aim to relieve some of the pressure that arises with equating engagement to worth. Yet for influencers, brands, and businesses alike who rely on engagement as a form of social currency (check out our recent blog all about the topic!) and marketing tool, does this update cause more harm than good? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. 

    To Hide or Not to Hide?

    Positives  Challenges
    • Remains mindful of mental health
    • Levels the playing field for content creators
    • Promotes quality > quantity 
    • Alleviates pressure of comparison
    • Assessing brand/creator relevance, legitimacy 
    • Proving social currency to stakeholders
    • Removes tangible “proof point” of content quality


    If these challenges seem to spark any alarm for you and the way you leverage the platform for your brand or business, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri says not to fret. When talking with TechCrunch, Mosseri “argued Instagram is still a small part of people’s day, so how Likes function doesn’t affect people’s overall well-being.” That admission aside, simply remember this– you hold the power in controlling the content you create and share. Ensuring it passes the trusted R.E.A.L. test, and resonates with your audience is all that matters!




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